21:34 Ticket #244 (make binary packages for easier installation) created by zooko
After v0.7.0 is released, then the time has come to make binary …
18:41 Ticket #243 (package including all dependencies for win32) created by zooko
It would be nice to build a package for Windows which includes all …
16:48 Ticket #242 (binary package for win32) created by zooko
It would be nice to build binary packages for Windows so that people …
08:44 WikiStart edited by warner
reapply arch_o_median's typo fixes after expunging the spammy revisions (diff)


21:36 Ticket #241 (v0.7.0 documentation) created by zooko
There is a lot of documentation that needs to be updated to fit v0.7.0 …


19:13 Ticket #240 (shares not uploaded to a server?) closed by zooko
invalid: Okay, we made a mistake in observation -- the shares were all going to …
18:39 Ticket #240 (shares not uploaded to a server?) created by zooko
!AnonymousUserNumber23 created an introducer and two nodes on cygwin, …
17:44 Ticket #239 (document new logging system) created by zooko
There is a nice new logging tool in foolscap 0.2.2 which we use in …
04:13 Performance edited by warner
add mostly-download load test data (diff)
02:54 Performance edited by zooko
02:52 Performance edited by zooko
02:12 Performance edited by warner
add another set of load-testing results, with 1MB mean file size (diff)
00:46 Performance edited by warner
add notes on load testing (diff)
00:07 Ticket #238 (make the slowest buildslaves faster) created by zooko
http://allmydata.org/buildbot/waterfall?show_events=false The fastest …


23:58 Ticket #237 (webish directory page can't display more than 192 children) created by warner
While doing some load testing (which involves writing lots and lots of …
22:36 Ticket #236 (measure the effect of a more memory-local zfec variant on a webapi server) created by zooko
The preliminary results of the load tests ("the webapi servers are the …
21:33 DownloadDebianPackages edited by warner
make it more clear that $DIST is a variable (diff)
16:52 Ticket #235 (scale up to many nodes) created by zooko
I updated The UseCases Page to reflect that someone …
16:39 UseCases edited by zooko
remove a use case which is too fine a distinction, and scale up prop grid (diff)
01:02 Ticket #234 (nice UI for creation of private directory) created by zooko
if the client is configured to create a private directory, then put a …
00:58 Ticket #233 (creation and management of "root" directories -- directories without ...) created by zooko
Tahoe v0.7.0 doesn't handle various cases where there are strange sets …


23:53 Ticket #220 (performance tests for decentralized secure mutable directories) closed by zooko
23:49 Ticket #216 (mutable files: pre-generate public keys in the background) closed by zooko
wontfix: We've agreed to go ahead with #217 for more efficient crypto and #220
22:56 Ticket #219 (permissions on files containing secrets) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed by a983f6d60c49d71b
19:27 Security edited by zooko
19:10 Security edited by zooko
re-edit and add some new security issues (removed a lot of unfinished … (diff)
16:44 Doc edited by zooko
add 0.6.1 to the Parade of Release Notes (diff)


01:18 Ticket #231 ("overwrite" button is broken) closed by zooko
00:51 QuotaManagement created by warner
write down my notes on a first plan for accounting and non-generic …


09:30 Performance edited by warner
oops, fix href (diff)
09:28 Performance edited by warner
add link to the SSK-delay graph (diff)
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