22:02 Ticket #433 (mailing list archives are threaded weirdly) created by warner
http://allmydata.org/pipermail/tahoe-dev/2008-May/thread.html shows a …
21:34 Ticket #432 (writing down filecaps: revise URI scheme) created by warner
I'd like to sit down and draw up a plan for "cap reification": what …
20:17 Ticket #357 (mkdir -p in the wapi) closed by warner
fixed: This one is finished: the new preferred API for 'mkdir -p' is: * …
20:13 Ticket #431 (CLI: The relationship between aliases and root_dir.cap is confusing.) created by nejucomo
What is it? Don't aliases supercede root_dir.cap? Why is …
19:53 Ticket #430 (upload/download status: add recently-finished operations) created by warner
The code currently keeps track of the results of the last 10 or 30 …
02:58 Ticket #255 (FUSE integration doesn't have automated tests) closed by nejucomo
fixed: There are tests in the "runtests.py" script accompanying tahoe_fuse.py …


01:21 Ticket #250 (memcheck-64 fails sporadically) closed by zooko
fixed: I think this has been fixed.


16:16 Ticket #429 (bugs@allmydata.org) created by zooko
I'm going to set up bugs@… as an address where you can …
04:25 Ticket #352 (check-deps doesn't tell you about Crypto++) closed by zooko
fixed: Currently this is fixed by pycryptopp coming with a copy of the …
03:48 Ticket #428 (start accepting "/cap/" instead of "/uri/" in the URLs) created by zooko
This task might be nice to have in place for Tahoe 1.1.0, because then …
03:41 Ticket #11 (I don't like pyopenssl) reopened by zooko
Re-opening this since I get unit test failures when I try to use the …
03:19 Ticket #11 (I don't like pyopenssl) closed by zooko
fixed: Okay, I like pyOpenSSL now since exarkun et alia are maintaining …
03:12 Ticket #260 (automatic freshening of version number) closed by zooko
wontfix: I did some quick profiling and this takes a couple of seconds on my …
02:17 Ticket #45 (trac can't search for patch author name) closed by zooko
02:17 Ticket #45 (trac can't search for patch author name) reopened by zooko
This seems to be fixed in the current version of Trac that we are …
02:16 Ticket #45 (trac can't search for patch author name) closed by zooko
01:52 Ticket #323 (document the issue of introducer SPOF) closed by warner
fixed: Done, in c83d8b7a6ddf4f8e. I'm not sure if …
01:10 Ticket #427 (what happens when a file changes as you're copying it?) created by warner
A long while ago, Zooko and I had a discussion about what might happen …
00:59 Bibliography edited by warner
add link to the plank erasure-coding page, from the old ShareEncoding? page (diff)
00:35 Ticket #426 (handle disk-full situations properly) created by warner
We need to add code that implements a "min-free-space=" disk usage …
00:25 Ticket #425 (set up buildslave for Windows SMB (WinFUSE) frontend) created by warner
We'd like to get the source code for our winfuse plugin (plus the …


23:05 Ticket #251 (make debian packages of dependencies) closed by zooko
fixed: Okay, we have new .deb's for zfec, argparse, pyutil, …
23:03 Ticket #424 (stdeb: push to upstream) created by zooko
Submit my patches to stdeb to the stdeb/setuptools/distutils folks.
23:02 Ticket #423 (stdeb: use stdeb on tahoe itself) created by zooko
Once stdeb is good enough to produce .deb's from Tahoe source tree …
23:02 Ticket #422 (have buildslaves automatically build debian packages of foolscap, ...) created by zooko
We would like release-version .deb's to appear in a separate apt …
22:28 Ticket #407 (make separate "ext" repository to hold tarballs of dependent libraries) closed by warner
duplicate: closed as a dup of #415
22:27 Ticket #421 (stale doc files) created by zooko
I've been noticing stale doc files or wiki pages. Here is a partial …
22:26 Ticket #244 (make binary packages for easier installation) closed by zooko
19:40 UseCases edited by zooko
"servant" and "servent" -> "server" (diff)


13:54 Doc edited by zooko
segregate the stale doc (diff)
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