16:43 Ticket #820 (it took four hours for this query to complete) created by zooko
The attached operation report shows that a volunteer grid server in …
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s/#tahoe/#tahoe-lafs/ (diff)
06:03 Ticket #436 (add rate information to upload/download status) closed by zooko
fixed: Yeah, this was done a long time ago.
03:09 Ticket #704 (utf-8 decoding fails when certain pyOpenSSL library is used) closed by zooko
wontfix: Okay, we can't reproduce this issue so I'm going to close this ticket …


21:52 Ticket #819 (allmydata.test.test_repairer.Verifier.test_corrupt_crypttext_hashtree ...) created by zooko
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deprioritize jaunty -- i love karmic more (diff)
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link to ticket #785 (diff)
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yay included in karmic (diff)
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typo (diff)
03:01 Ticket #818 (Output of tahoe deep-check --repair is hard to skim) created by kpreid
The summary output of tahoe deep-check looks exactly the same, except …


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add links to estimates of brute-force-cracks on ECC (diff)


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name change link s/PatchReviewProcess/How to review patches/ (diff)


16:29 Ticket #817 (inconsistent Recent Operations Status - Done/Finished) created by terrell
The grid status page shows inconsistent results for the Status column …


22:22 Ticket #653 (introducer client: connection count is wrong, ...) closed by zooko
fixed: I created #816 (don't rely on notifyOnDisconnect()). We can close …
22:19 Ticket #816 (Add ping-all-servers button to welcome page) created by zooko
#653 was a long drawn out investigation that concluded that there is …
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link to HKDF (diff)
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unlink #2 (diff)
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actually #3 does *not* depend on one-wayness of hash_r because R has … (diff)
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#5 depends on one-wayness of hash_r (diff)
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italics, K1enc -> EncK1 (diff)
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to prevent some attacks, hash_r must be a suitable KDF (sort-of … (diff)
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image link didn't work with .svg (at least in Firefox). Works with .png (diff)


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add link to architecture doc (diff)
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