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11:40 Ticket #1383 (foolscap 0.6.1 has no such extra feature 'secure_connections') closed by zooko@…
fixed: In 89c11d63f194afa0: […]
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add link to Julian Wälde's implementation (diff)
02:27 Ticket #1433 (drop-upload: also monitor subdirectories) created by davidsarah
The prototype implementation of drop-upload in #1429 monitors only a …
02:13 Ticket #1432 (Magic Folder on Mac OS X and other BSDs) created by davidsarah
The Magic Folder feature currently only works on Linux (where it uses …
02:06 Ticket #1431 (Magic Folder on Windows) created by daira
The drop-upload feature (#1429) uses inotify to detect filesystem …
01:57 Ticket #1430 (Magic Folder on Linux: handle inotify queue overflow correctly) created by davidsarah
The inotify API has a maximum number of queued events, controlled by …


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16:27 Ticket #1429 (automatically upload a file when it is put in a given local directory) created by davidsarah
During the Tahoe-LAFS summit, I (David-Sarah) implemented a prototype …
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00:04 Ticket #1428 (web-API: rename should use POST, not GET) closed by davidsarah
invalid: Oh, I'm wrong. The 'rename' button only gets you to the rename form, …


23:56 Ticket #1428 (web-API: rename should use POST, not GET) created by davidsarah
The 'rename' button in WUI directory listings uses GET; it should use …
17:27 Ticket #1427 (Differences between Freenet and Tahoe) created by marlowe
In #tahoe-lafs, erniejunior asked "hi guys short question. is tahoe …
15:31 Ticket #1409 (remove contrib/fuse) closed by zooko@…
fixed: In 4f8e3e5ae8fefc01: […]


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