19:39 Ticket #1555 (add check-miscaptures.py script to check for incorrect variable ...) closed by david-sarah@…
fixed: In [5401/ticket999-S3-backend]: […]
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about hosting (diff)
02:41 Ticket #1557 (apply coding tools to misc/ directories other than misc/build_helpers) created by davidsarah
02:11 Ticket #1556 (fix bugs found by 'check-miscaptures' script) created by davidsarah
These are the bugs that were found in trunk.
02:10 Ticket #1555 (add check-miscaptures.py script to check for incorrect variable ...) created by davidsarah
The attached script checks for errors in which a variable …


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txt -> rst (diff)
18:33 Ticket #1554 (sign release tarballs using gpg) created by davidsarah


17:57 Ticket #1553 (improve the format of COPYING.TGPPL.rst) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed by 18b44383dc45c9f8
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Summit's last day is the 11th (diff)
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Okay we're definitely doing the 11th! (diff)
04:37 Ticket #1553 (improve the format of COPYING.TGPPL.rst) created by zooko
trac's rendering of .rst files inserts an error/warning message if you …


00:42 Ticket #1552 (web-API: replace ?mutable-type with ?format={chk,sdmf,mdmf}) created by davidsarah
We agreed (on IRC) to change the ?mutable-type= query parameter …


23:37 Ticket #1526 (make sure the new MDMF extension field is forward-compatible and safe) closed by Brian Warner <warner@…>
fixed: In 416701e404c74a3e: […]
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remove mention of allmydata (diff)
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move soultcer to Emeritus status, fix link to zooko.com from pubgrid zlog (diff)


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I don't want to stay away from my family for that many days! Changing … (diff)
04:46 Ticket #1551 (WUI: the Upload results page should have both view and download links) created by davidsarah
The Download link on the WUI results page causes a browser to download …
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