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Weave is now Sync (diff)
02:06 Ticket #1567 (S3 backend: restore s3.max_space option) created by davidsarah
The s3.max_space option, which limits the space used by a …


18:04 Ticket #1566 (if a stored share has a corrupt header, other shares held by that ...) created by davidsarah
When a storage server receives a remote_get_buckets or …


20:43 Ticket #1565 (URL formats for HTTP-based storage server) created by warner
Ticket #510 is about speaking to storage servers with mostly-plain …
00:06 Ticket #1564 (DeprecationWarning in sftpd.py against Twisted >11.0) closed by warner
duplicate: ok, this ticket is unneeded then. thanks!


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17:44 Ticket #1564 (DeprecationWarning in sftpd.py against Twisted >11.0) created by warner
I ran the tahoe test suite against current Twisted trunk, to see what …


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fix link to Hack Tahoe page, now on this same site instead of a … (diff)
04:01 Ticket #1561 (replace --mutable-type with --format in CLI commands) closed by Brian Warner <warner@…>
fixed: In 3eb60ff986563e79: […]


22:10 Ticket #1563 (webapi.rst should have a Change Log section) created by davidsarah
<warner>: hm, maybe we should have a "history of the web-API" section …
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fix capitalization typo (diff)
20:12 Ticket #1366 (avoid calling req.finish() on closed HTTP connections) closed by Brian Warner <warner@…>
fixed: In 587e31a8cf486031: […]
19:46 Ticket #1562 (store "line count" buildstep data somewhere, draw graphs) created by warner
19:41 Ticket #1556 (fix bugs found by 'check-miscaptures' script) closed by davidsarah
17:01 Ticket #1561 (replace --mutable-type with --format in CLI commands) created by warner
To match the new webapi style, and to avoid interface churn in the …
16:50 Ticket #1547 (the WUI controls for setting the type of an uploaded file are confusing) closed by warner
16:40 Ticket #1552 (web-API: replace ?mutable-type with ?format={chk,sdmf,mdmf}) closed by warner
fixed: fixed by bd642739cb5b4771 and 01b00dc7dca9108f
15:28 Ticket #1560 (POST /uri?t=upload should give Upload Results consistently (even mutable)) created by warner
The docs in source:docs/frontends/webapi.rst currently claim (in …
01:35 Ticket #1559 (in test_download.Corruption.test_each_byte, catalog_detection = True ...) created by davidsarah
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