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update agenda, venue (diff)
00:43 Ticket #1573 (S3 backend: support DevPay) created by davidsarah
See …


06:59 Ticket #1572 (migrate to new server) created by warner
This ticket is to track the task of moving this Trac instance, and the …
06:53 Ticket #930 (switch from figleaf to coverage.py) closed by warner
fixed: We've switched, I'm not planning to do any changes to the coverage …
06:51 Ticket #511 (publish Mac images somewhere) closed by warner
wontfix: we removed the Mac-image-building code from the source tree, so we can …


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13:03 Ticket #36 (FUSE integration) closed by davidsarah
13:00 Ticket #1571 (S3 backend: support streaming reads of immutable and mutable shares) created by davidsarah
The current S3 backend implementation waits until a GET request to S3 …
11:02 Ticket #1570 (S3 backend: support streaming writes to immutable shares) created by davidsarah
For immutable shares, the current S3 backend implementation writes …
06:20 pyFilesystem edited by ClashTheBunny
add mountPoint variable (diff)
06:08 pyFilesystem created by ClashTheBunny
Quick write up of using pyFilesystem with Tahoe-LAFS


19:10 Ticket #1569 (rerecord and review pluggable backends for landing on trunk) created by davidsarah
The patches for the #999 ticket999-S3-backend branch need to be …


03:37 Ticket #1568 (S3 backend: [storage]readonly is documented but ignored) created by davidsarah
This option makes sense for the S3 backend and should be implemented …
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