19:02 NewCapDesign edited by zooko
add desideratum: Don't provide an affordance for diminishing caps by … (diff)
18:04 Dev edited by zooko
move CSV back down out of the main, Developer-oriented section (diff)
17:57 Ticket #1557 (apply coding tools to misc/ directories other than misc/build_helpers) closed by davidsarah
17:41 Dev edited by zooko
move "Papers By Others" section to be within "Papers", add name to it: … (diff)
17:31 Dev edited by zooko
add a link to Haver, Melvold, Ruud thesis (diff)
05:01 Ticket #1594 (darcs failures due to new SSL certificate) created by warner
Many buildslaves and many users are reporting failures during "darcs …


18:24 SftpFrontend edited by davidsarah
logging for sshfs. also recommend FUSE4X (diff)
04:05 HowtoContributeABuildbot edited by marcusw
Fixed the allmydata.org domain names (diff)


20:52 AdvancedInstall edited by marcusw
Add step which was reqired for me to get the mingw compiler used when … (diff)
12:06 Ticket #1593 (the drop-upload dircap should be in BASEDIR/private/) created by zooko
We like to keep anything confidential out of ~/.tahoe/tahoe.cfg


21:49 Ticket #1592 (Patch to add a favicon to the web UI) created by marcusw
I came up with a small (almost trivial) …
18:28 OSPackages edited by killyourtv
Remove 1.9.0 for I2P (for now) (diff)
16:34 Ticket #1591 (S3 backend: use endpoint URI to choose whether to put the bucket name ...) created by davidsarah
Amazon S3 wants the bucket name to be in the hostname (e.g. …
02:43 Ticket #1590 (S3 backend: intermittent "We encountered an internal error. Please try ...) created by davidsarah
Traceback from CLI (tahoe backup): […] Incident report: …
02:38 Ticket #1589 (S3 backend: when a txaws operation gets an error response, include the ...) created by davidsarah
The exception message shouldn't include secrets (AWS secret key, user …
01:21 Ticket #1588 (I want to trigger backups through the WUI.) created by zooko
I want to trigger a backup, the same as the …
01:20 Ticket #1587 (I want an indicator of progress on a backup) created by zooko
When running "tahoe backup" on a directory, I'd like an indicator …


04:43 OSPackages edited by zooko
fix link and specify that lucid has the security patch … (diff)
02:09 OSPackages edited by davidsarah
more rowspan fixes (diff)
02:07 OSPackages edited by davidsarah
fix rowspan for Ubuntu (diff)
02:07 OSPackages edited by davidsarah
update Ubuntu section (diff)
01:17 CodingStandards edited by zooko
77 columns. Brian no longer does whatever he wants. (diff)


22:50 Ticket #1586 ("PowmInsecureWarning: Not using mpz_powm_sec" warning from PyCrypto) created by davidsarah
This warning occurs when importing PyCrypto 2.4.1 (possibly depending …
22:49 Ticket #1585 (restructure the web UI's handling of static files) closed by warner
fixed: looks good! landed in 0ed6260a3c1bf67b. Thanks!
22:45 Ticket #522 (mac buildslave produces builds lacking pycrypto) closed by davidsarah
invalid: The mac build is no more.
21:19 OSPackages edited by killyourtv
13:26 OSPackages edited by killyourtv
moved comment (diff)
02:11 Ticket #1585 (restructure the web UI's handling of static files) created by marcusw
This patch improves the handling of static resource files in the web …
01:03 Dev edited by zooko
server-relative urls (so they are https and not http) (diff)
00:51 OSPackages edited by killyourtv
Add table for I2P-packages per Zooko's request (diff)


22:05 Ticket #1584 (openbsd 5.0 running) closed by Brian Warner <warner@…>
fixed: In 1b84612fdf662388: […]
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