22:38 Ticket #1641 (fix regressions in convergent uncoordinated write detection) created by kevan
Comment 4 in ticket 546 describes a fix made to …
22:32 Ticket #1640 (the mutable publisher should try harder to place all shares) created by kevan
If a connection error is encountered while pushing a share to a …
16:31 Ticket #1592 (Patch to add a favicon to the web UI) closed by zooko
fixed: Reviewed 4618571389c62d2f and 531f562fcfcb7b68.
04:49 Ticket #1639 ('Return to file/directory' link from file check results gives an error) created by davidsarah
From a WUI directory listing, click 'More Info' on an immutable file. …
04:37 Ticket #1592 (Patch to add a favicon to the web UI) reopened by davidsarah
I added some tests in 531f562fcfcb7b68. Review needed for …
04:35 Ticket #1592 (Patch to add a favicon to the web UI) closed by david-sarah@…
fixed: In 054374400e28cb00: […]
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23:02 Ticket #1638 (S3 backend: Upload of large files consumes memory > twice the size of ...) created by zancas
During upload greater than 2 (~2.5) times the size of shares (both …
16:17 Ticket #999 (support multiple storage backends, including amazon s3) closed by davidsarah
fixed: Further work on this functionality will be in ticket #1569.


19:21 Ticket #1637 (compilation errors with pyOpenSSL >= 0.13 on RHEL5 systems (and clones)) created by davidsarah
Reported by Jimmy Tang: […] as far as I know it's due to the …


21:08 Ticket #1636 (Unhandled error in Deferred during retrieve) created by killyourtv
[…] ...with patches from #1007, #1010, and #1628 applied. When …
16:41 Ticket #1635 ('crypto for PB is not available' error from bin/tahoe on Fedora due to ...) created by davidsarah
(16:00:04) tcatm: hey. I have some trouble running tahoe-lafs on …
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22:56 Ticket #1583 (Failure: allmydata.mutable.common.UncoordinatedWriteError) closed by killyourtv
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