19:19 Ticket #1785 (type error in ServerMap.copy?) created by davidsarah
ServerMap has an …
18:18 Changeset in trunk [3cb9936] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
Failing to load a crawler state pickle uses default values, but the …
18:15 Changeset in trunk [d278b12] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
If a stats.pickle file cannot be read, print a better error message.
09:14 Ticket #1590 (S3 backend: intermittent "We encountered an internal error. Please try ...) closed by zooko
fixed: We're pretty satisfied with this fix/workaround …


23:19 Changeset in trunk [2c13683] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
Relnotes, NEWS and quickstart updates for 1.9.2, with updated release …
22:57 Ticket #1115 (count-good-share-hosts is calculated incorrectly (post-repair says 10 ...) closed by davidsarah
fixed: Replying to davidsarah: > I propose to change the …
20:17 Changeset in trunk [8d020aa] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
Makefile: in check-umids, exclude 'old.py' to avoid false positives.
17:16 Ticket #1784 (add happiness count to check and repair reports) created by davidsarah
I have a patch for this to go in 1.10 1.11. Note that the …


16:02 Ticket #1783 (tahoe cp --verbose progress messages show double the actual number of files) created by davidsarah


01:36 Bibliography edited by zooko
add link to Dodis Katz 2005 (diff)
01:22 OneHundredYearCryptography edited by zooko
fix link to my klog (diff)


23:29 TahoeLAFSWeeklyNews edited by marlowe
23:20 WikiStart edited by marlowe
15:22 Proposed created by davidsarah
13:06 Ticket #1782 (move docs/proposed to the wiki) created by zooko
One really good thing about having the docs stored in revision control …
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