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21:35 Ticket #2058 (trac sqlite db accesses taking a long time) created by zooko
When I click on the "list all users" function of the Admin interface …
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gentoo logo
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Remove link to allmydata now that the domain is owned by a squatter. (diff)


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note #2005 (diff)
21:34 Ticket #2057 (reproducible builds) created by leif
It would be good to have the official packages of Tahoe and all of its …
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https to zooko.com (diff)
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I'm one of Mark's mentors! (diff)
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20:59 Ticket #2056 (bad connection hint in tub.location works once) created by leif
If a node is started with an invalid foolscap location hint specified …
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move paragraph, clarify what is signed. (diff)
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update desert island instructions (diff)
20:08 Ticket #2055 (Building tahoe safely is non-trivial) created by leif
Summary: to safely build Tahoe on an untrustworthy (read: any) network …
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s/http:/https:/ all links except python.org which doesn't do https (diff)
13:03 Ticket #2054 (Track unit test duration for possible regressions) created by markberger
Currently there is no way to track regressions in tahoe over time. …
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Another typo (diff)
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typo and grammar tweak (diff)
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More about testing (diff)
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grammar tweak (diff)
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remove obsolete darcs-related info and other minor tweaks (diff)


22:42 Ticket #2053 (make "tahoe backup" avoid "piling up" if the backup job takes longer ...) created by zooko
<myers> the backup cronjob should be built to not pile up as I'm …
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May 2008 is no longer "recent" (diff)
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correct test-needed flag (diff)
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minor tweaks; 'design-review-needed' keyword is no longer used (diff)
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19:55 Ticket #2052 (Automate testing of merge requests to streamline review.) created by nejucomo
It would be nice if prior to a review an automated test pass was …
19:53 Ticket #2051 (Publish the buildbot configuration in a public repository & define ...) created by nejucomo
Problem: The buildbot config, the process used to update it, …
19:49 Ticket #2050 (Expand HowToWriteTests to packaging and distribution tests) created by nejucomo
This should inform the reader to distinguish between unittests and …
19:37 Ticket #2049 (Decide where "packaging tests" should live.) created by nejucomo
Task: Define a policy about where packaging tests live, where …
17:57 HowToWriteTests edited by zooko
update rationale for code coverage, and adjust formatting (diff)
17:12 Changeset in trunk [74d37b9] by Mark J. Berger <mark.berger.j@…>
Fixes the overlapping text in docs/lease-tradeoffs.svg This fixes …
16:16 Ticket #2048 (allmydata.test.test_cli.Cp.test_copy_using_filecap is really slow due ...) created by daira
The fix for #1805 (595d611c9b4b29c8/trunk) added the …
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00:48 Ticket #2047 (refactor *Source classes in tahoe_cp.py to have a basename() method ...) created by daira
Much of the code in src/allmydata/scripts/tahoe_cp.py passes …


23:09 Ticket #1862 (removing shares more quickly than one day) closed by daira
duplicate: Hmm, the conclusion here is basically "won't fix until #1833 is …
15:43 Ticket #2046 (Add tahoe cp --children-of option) created by markberger
In Tahoe-LAFS v1.10.0, tahoe cp -r used to only copy a directory's …
14:09 Ticket #2045 (Make the paths of the different folders configurable) created by meskio
The objective is to be able to run Tahoe-LAFS as a daemon on a unix …
00:12 Ticket #829 (gcc failed) closed by daira
cannot reproduce: Insufficient information to reproduce or to tell whether the original …
00:03 Ticket #299 (add misc/munin files to debian /usr/share/doc/$PACKAGE/) closed by daira
somebody else's problem: This is no longer an issue for upstream Tahoe-LAFS.


23:51 Ticket #2044 (investigate newer setuptools) created by daira
What is [https://bitbucket.org/pypa/setuptools/overview setuptools …
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