18:20 Ticket #1591 (S3 backend: use endpoint URI to choose whether to put the bucket name ...) closed by daira
18:10 Ticket #1829 (ticket999-S3-backend branch should install new backends directories) closed by daira
wontfix: Wontfixing all ticket999-S3-backend tickets in favour of the cloud branch.
18:07 Ticket #1573 (S3 backend: support DevPay) closed by daira
wontfix: We'll drop support for DevPay before merging the cloud branch; see #2197.
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15:23 Ticket #2202 (ERROR: UnrecoverableFileError(no recoverable versions)) created by gennylee
I configured tahoe-lafs with 5 node, and I configured shares.needed=2, …


22:06 Ticket #2198 (make exception tracebacks easier to grok) created by daira
See #2116 for an example of a traceback involving three machines (the …
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hangout URL (diff)
18:52 Ticket #762 (build of mac package fails due to pkgutil in zetuptoolz) closed by daira
cannot reproduce
18:50 Ticket #142 (pywin32 can't be installed automatically) reopened by daira
Reopening because of #2028 (Twisted endpoints introduce a dependency …
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fix formatting (diff)
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22:17 Changeset in trunk [0c7793d] by Daira Hopwood <daira@…>
Update my CREDITS entry. Signed-off-by: Daira Hopwood …


18:57 Ticket #2197 (cloud backend: strip DevPay support from S3 code) created by daira
In hindsight it was a mistake for Least Authority to use DevPay, and …
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18:29 SNARKs created by warner
collecting papers on SNARKs and other multi-party-computation -ish topics
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