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Old News

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Archived News Items

2011-12-13 -- Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News #19 is released

2011-11-29 -- Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News #18 is released

2011-11-22 -- Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News #17 is released

2011-10-31 -- v1.9.0 released, adding MDMF and blacklist support

2011-10-29 -- new server! If you can read this, we succeeded at moving this trac to a new server. If you can see this faster than you used to, then it was worth it.

2011-10-10 -- Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News #14

2011-09-23 -- The Second International Tahoe-LAFS Summit will be held November 7 through November 11 in San Francisco

2011-09-13 -- v1.8.3 released, fixing a security vulnerability

2011-09-06 -- Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News #13 is released

2011-08-30 -- Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News #12 is released

2011-08-25 -- 1.9.0alpha1 available for testing

2011-08-14 -- Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News #11 is released

2011-07-24 -- The pubgrid is no longer available

2011-06-27 -- The Tahoe-LAFS Summit, June 27 - 30, San Francisco

Come socialize, share ideas, and hack on code! See the Summit Page.

2011-01-30 -- v1.8.2 Released!

Twisted-10.2 compatibility, small bugfixes.

2010-12-14 -- EFF post

Interesting mention in summary of useful tools when dealing with censorship.

2010-11-28 -- v1.8.1 Released!

Several bugfixes, including a security fix and a performance improvement.

2010-09-24 -- v1.8.0 Released!

This release offers greatly improved performance and fault-tolerance of downloads. It also improves consistency of command-line options, internationalization on Windows, code organization, tests, logging, and packaging.

2010-07-19 -- v1.7.1 Released!

This stable minor release adds several bugfixes and improvements in security, forward-compatibility, packaging, usability, and portability.

2010-06-18 -- v1.7.0 of Tahoe-LAFS is Released!

This release adds a fully functional SFTP interface, support for non-ASCII character encodings, and a new upload algorithm which guarantees that each file is spread over multiple servers for fault-tolerance.

2010-05-25 -- Zooko presented Tahoe-LAFS at CONfidence 2010 in Kraków, Poland

2010-04-26 -- Google Summer of Code chooses to sponsor Tahoe-LAFS!

2010-03-05 -- Brian and Zooko presented Tahoe-LAFS at RSA in San Francisco. Slides here.

2010-02-27 -- v1.6.1 of Tahoe-LAFS is Released!

This is a bugfix release which fixes a few small regressions in v1.6.0.

2010-02-01 -- v1.6.0 of Tahoe-LAFS is Released!

Tahoe-LAFS v1.6 features greatly improved performance, usability, and forward-compatibility, and deep-immutable directories.

2010-01-20 -- The Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative

The Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative, a U.S.A. national cyber-defense initiative, has published a report brainstorming new ways to defend national security. The report praises Tahoe-LAFS!

2009-12-29 -- Chaos Communications Congress 2009

There was a Tahoe-LAFS Workshop at the Chaos Communication Congress 2009 organized by François Deppierraz.

2009-10-30 -- RSA Conference 2010

Tahoe-LAFS will be presented at the RSA Conference 2010 in San Francisco: Your cloud storage provider does not need access to your data.

2009-10-02 -- HadoopWorld 2009

Tahoe-LAFS was presented at HadoopWorld in New York City

2009-10-01 -- included in Ubuntu

Tahoe-LAFS is included in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)!

2009-08-15 -- Windows client has open-sourced its Windows client. Thank you,!

2009-08-04 -- featured in Ars Technica

Tahoe-LAFS is reviewed by Ars Technica

2009-08-01 -- v1.5 released!

This is a major release adding UI, performance, portability and forward-compatibility improvements and fixing a couple of small bugs. Please see the Release Notes.

2009-05-27 -- Open Knowledge Foundation grid

The Open Knowledge Foundation is now running a Tahoe-LAFS grid!

2009-05-07 -- "Hack Tahoe!" Hall of Fame update

The "Hack Tahoe!" Contest Hall of Fame has been updated to show a picture of Christian Grothoff's smiling face as he receives his personalized "I Hacked Tahoe" t-shirt.

2009-04-18 -- LAPTOP VERSUS AXE

NEWSFLASH! Tahoe-LAFS Developer Goes Crazy -- Laptop Versus Axe! -- Chaos On Stage At CodeCon -- Film at 11

2009-14-13 -- v1.4 released!

This is a major release adding garbage collection, improved diagnostics, and fixing a major performance problem with downloading multi-GB files. Please see the Release Notes.

2009-02-13 -- v1.3 released!

This is a major release adding several new features. Please see the Release Notes.

2008-03-25 -- Tahoe, the Least-Authority Filesystem v1.0 released!

This is version 1.0. We plan to actively support this branch for the forseeable future and to maintain backwards compatibility with it in future releases of Tahoe.

Please see the Release Notes.

2008-03-13 -- Tahoe v0.9 released!

This is a major release of "Tahoe" -- Tahoe is now considered stable enough to store valuable data.

Please see the Release Notes.

2008-03-14 -- Tahoe presented at PyCon

PyCon2008: paper and slides

2008-02-15 -- Tahoe v0.8.0 released!

This release extends the user interfaces to provide visibility into the operation of the network, and adds preliminary Windows, Macintosh, and FUSE extensions.

Please see the Release Notes.

2008-01-08 -- Tahoe v0.7.0 released!

This release adds decentralized mutable files and directories, a FUSE interface, and a novel open source licence.

Please see the Release Notes.

2007-10-15 -- Tahoe v0.6.1 released!

This release focusses on packaging, documentation, and usability.

Please see the Release Notes.

2007-09-24 -- Allmydata Tahoe v0.6 released!

This release features improved packaging (including binary packages for easier installation), performance, reliability, and potential future-compatibility.

Please see the Release Notes.

2007-08-23 -- Allmydata Tahoe v0.5.1 released!

This fixes a security flaw in Tahoe v0.5.0.

Please see the Release Notes.

2007-08-21 -- security flaw

Nathan Wilcox has discovered that the new web API in allmydata-tahoe version 0.5 is vulnerable to XSRF attack. An XSRF -- or "Cross-Site Reference Forgery" attack -- is one in which an attacker creates an innocuous-looking hyperlink, and if a user clicks on that hyperlink then it causes deletion or theft of the user's data. We are working on a fix for this problem, and in the meantime if you have stored any private or precious data on a tahoe grid, then you can make sure that you are not exposed to this threat by shutting down your tahoe node before browsing the web.

You can read more about the attack and our fix in this bug tracker ticket:

2008-09-23 -- FAST'09 paper

A Performance Evaluation and Examination of Open-Source Erasure Coding Libraries For Storage will be presented at FAST-2009: 7th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies

2008-08-24 -- interactive illustration

Here is an interactive illustration showing how Tahoe works, thanks to Drew Perttula.

2008-08-18 -- publication of a paper describing Tahoe

The paper describing Tahoe has been accepted into the ACM Storage, Security, and Survivability Workshop

2008-07-21 -- v1.2 released!

This release fixes a security flaw in Tahoe v1.1 and offers several other improvements. Please see the Release Notes

2008-07-18 -- The Hack Tahoe! contest is now in progress!

2008-07-10 -- Justin Boreta helped me make this web page look much better. Thanks, Justin! --Zooko

2008-06-11 -- Tahoe, the Least-Authority Filesystem v1.1 released!

This release fixes several serious issues in Tahoe v1.0, and improves the user interfaces. Please see the Release Notes.

2008-04-30 -- in the news

Tahoe is reviewed by the weekly programmer magazine

2007-08-17 -- Allmydata Tahoe v0.5 is released.

release announcement and discussion

2007-06-29 -- Allmydata Tahoe v0.4 is released.

release announcment and discussion

2007-06-11 -- Allmydata Tahoe v0.3 is released.

release announcement and discussion

2007-02-02 -- Allmydata Tahoe v0.2 is released.

release announcement and discussion

Old Buzz

2008-08-24 -- Here is an interactive illustration showing how Tahoe works, thanks to Drew Perttula.

2008-09-10 -- Thanks for the memory

2008-09-04 -- powers online storage for Dell ‘netbook’

2008-08-31 -- Carbonite CEO: Online Backups Sell

2008-05-02 -- Mozy Delivers Solid Online Backup comparison to Mozy

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