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Related Projects

There are several projects to extend Tahoe-LAFS or integrate it with other tools.

Tips and Tricks

Tahoe-LAFS can be integrated into several other tools simply by adjusting some configuration settings. The Tips and Tricks page describes some of those.

Spin-off Projects

These are projects that are currently primarily maintained by Tahoe-LAFS developers.


We are fortunate to have a vast library of high quality Free Software that we can re-use to build Tahoe-LAFS. We contribute patches and bug reports back to these projects. The following list is incomplete -- see also src/allmydata/

  • Python
  • Twisted
  • gcc
  • Nevow
  • setuptools
  • OpenSSL

Other Projects

These projects have no specific relationship with our project, but they are similar in some ways and so may be of interest. We sometimes exchange ideas with the developers of some of these projects, especially on the p2p-hackers mailing list.

(Warning: some of the following distinctions between types of tool may be artificial, or may be more about history and culture than about technical differences.)

more filesystem-ey

  • Octavia is a new distributed filesystem inspired by Tahoe-LAFS and intended to improve on Tahoe-LAFS in performance and usability. It is very new and not yet usable except for experimentation. licence: GPL
  • ceph is a distributed filesystem intended to be scalable and robust. It includes kernel code to be loaded into a Linux kernel. There are several peer-reviewed papers about the design. licence: LGPL
  • iRODS is an open source grid technology. Development is funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Archives and Records Administration. license: BSD
  • Hadoop is open source, inspired by the Google File System, written in Java, supported by Yahoo, and seems to have broad acceptance among programmers (at least compared to the alternatives). licence: Apache Software Licence v2.0
  • CloudStore formerly known as "Kosmos Distributed File System" -- is open source, inspired by the Google File System and written in C++. licence: Apache Software Licence v2.0
  • mogilefs is open source, inspired by the Google File System, written in Perl and uses MySQL. It was written by the folks who made LiveJournal. The name is an anagram for "OMG files". licence: some combination of BSD and GPL and Artistic.

more database-ey

  • Cassandra is a distributed database, based on the Amazon Dynamo design. licence: Apache Software Licence v2.0

more p2p-ey

  • GNUnet is an anonymous, censorship-resistant, file-sharing network. licence: GPLv2+
  • flud backup is an ambitious decentralized backup system. flud has the distinction of being one of the few decentralized storage projects with a sense of humor. It appears to be dormant. licence: GPLv3


  • Mozilla Weave is a project to securely share your web browser metadata such as cookies, saved passwords, and bookmarks. licence: Mozilla
  • git is a decentralized revision control tool. No wait! It is a beautiful decentralized data store with a grotesque revision control tool built on top. (Zooko takes full responsibility for this careless slander!)

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