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#97 reducing memory footprint in share reception performance memory upload large assigned warner warner major defect
#114 command-line: multiple files at once tahoe-cp usability assigned zooko zooko minor enhancement
#217 Ed25519-based mutable files -- fast file creation, possibly smaller URLs mutable crypto newcaps performance research assigned zooko zooko major enhancement
#280 get_hash method in webapi for extension caching logic. webapi cache extension newcaps assigned zooko nejucomo minor enhancement
#501 NotMutableError (now NotWriteableError) escaping into the twistd.log error logging assigned davidsarah zooko major defect
#679 /storage emitting exception - lease reporting code leases error crawler assigned davidsarah terrell major defect
#727 add optional-dependency on numpy numpy packaging assigned zooko warner minor task
#896 log more info about Foolscap disconnections on storages nodes (to twistd.log) foolscap DeadReferenceError assigned francois francois minor defect
#932 benchmark Tahoe-LAFS compared to nosql dbs scalability performance large assigned bibilthaysose zooko major enhancement
#947 Add file-with-metadata caps newcaps newurls mutable immutable metadata rollback assigned davidsarah kpreid major enhancement
#951 uploads aren't cancelled by closing the web page usability upload large wui ophandle assigned zooko zooko major defect
#964 show sizes in unambiguous way that doesn't get mistaken for different units usability assigned zooko USSJoin minor defect
#1041 Timeout error when uploading a file with some SFTP clients, e.g. WinSCP sftp winscp upload reliability timeout assigned davidsarah freestorm major defect
#1084 nondeterministic failure of allmydata.test.test_system.SystemTest.test_upload_and_download_{random_key,convergent} test upload heisenbug assigned zooko davidsarah major defect
#1249 There may be a memory leak in the tahoe-lafs storage server, which may or may not be related to the number of other storage servers. memory scalability assigned stott stott major defect
#1252 use different encoding parameters for dirnodes than for files preservation availability dirnodes anti-censorship assigned davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#1336 improve the mechanism that causes test nodes to exit even if not successfully stopped cleanup test assigned daira davidsarah major defect
#1370 SFTP: consider supporting hard link extension sftp sshfs link assigned davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#1524 twistd can fail when checking whether a is stale twistd reliability usability tahoe-start unix assigned davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#1649 WUI: the error message page for a writeable file/directory nonobviously includes the write cap usability security capleak websec assigned davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#1663 Add a concise table of the URL tree to webapi.rst. webapi docs assigned marlowe nejucomo normal enhancement
#1715 change all docs and generated URLs to point to "/cap" instead of "/uri" docs cruft backward-compatibility assigned davidsarah marlowe normal defect
#1752 are we doing more readvs and writevs than necessary for some CLI or WUI operations? mutable performance assigned davidsarah davidsarah normal defect
#1871 provide interface to query lease storage information transparency accounting operations storage usability leases assigned davidsarah gdt normal enhancement
#1879 Glossary document glossary docs usability terminology assigned marlowe marlowe normal enhancement
#1881 test utility for comparing sets test cleanup assigned davidsarah davidsarah minor defect
#1884 mention symlinking the shares directory in configuration.rst configuration docs symlink storage assigned marlowe davidsarah normal defect
#1976 SFTP+SSHFS hangs for second concurrent operation sftp sshfs hang reliability assigned daira luckyredhot normal defect
#2047 refactor *Source classes in to have a basename() method rather than passing around (name, source) pairs cleanup tahoe-cp assigned daira daira normal defect
#2127 Disambiguate "client" and "gateway" occurrences in Tahoe-LAFS docs docs assigned marlowe amontero normal defect
#2226 add doc about literal caps in performance.rst docs performance lit assigned marlowe zooko normal defect
#2228 add directory operations to performance.rst docs performance directories assigned marlowe zooko normal defect
#2238 add simpler documentation for a single server use-case LeastAuthority docs assigned daira daira normal enhancement
#2243 TypeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getitem__' while opening backupdb tahoe-backup backupdb error assigned daira daira normal defect
#2331 don't display capabilities without user explicitly asking for it security capleak assigned daira leif normal defect
#2334 one slow server slows down all uploads that attempt to use it performance upload assigned daira leif normal defect
#2338 tahoe backup exits nonzero if there are any symlinks symlink tahoe-backup error assigned daira leif normal defect
#2507 consider whether to use @inlineCallbacks (in tests or more generally) coding-standards inlineCallbacks twisted docs assigned daira daira normal task
#2730 Added Missing TWN Issues to HTML assigned marlowe marlowe normal task
#3347 Tor integration tests fail on Windows assigned sajith sajith normal defect
#3445 The runtime information on the "deep check results" page is untested assigned exarkun exarkun normal defect
#3622 typechecks job is broken on CI for master@HEAD assigned exarkun exarkun normal defect
#3949 Remove the Ubuntu builders from GitHub Actions assigned exarkun exarkun normal task
#3972 Solving `untyped-def` mypy errors in tahoe-lafs codebase assigned daniellee daniellee minor enhancement
#49 UPnP firewall availability new zooko minor enhancement
#50 ask a peer to tell you what your IP address is (similar to STUNT/ICE) firewall availability p2p iputil introducer introduction new arch_o_median normal enhancement
#57 logging: compress/truncate/encode/decode/format for human readability and privacy logging privacy anonymity new warner zooko minor enhancement
#72 Automatic detection of configuration changes. usability new nejucomo minor enhancement
#78 Cater to rsync as a target Tahoe client. enterprise backup encoding rsync new somebody nejucomo minor enhancement
#126 add "Invite a Friend" button usability new warner major enhancement
#152 build "sharing slots" / use mutable files as primitives for sharing messages performance newcaps revocation new warner major enhancement
#169 tcp hole-punching! firewall availability gsoc new ghazel zooko major enhancement
#172 put sparklines on front page statistics new somebody zooko major enhancement
#198 count TODOs, display per file coverage new warner warner minor enhancement
#204 "virtual CDs" dirnodes newcaps performance random-access space-efficiency tahoe-backup new warner major enhancement
#215 maybe remove "string containing slash-separated names" APIs cleanup backward-compatibility new somebody zooko minor enhancement
#224 bandwidth throttling bandwidth throttling network new zooko major enhancement
#235 scale up to many nodes scalability memory performance openssl leastauthority new zooko major enhancement
#236 measure the effect of a more memory-local zfec variant on a webapi server performance memory zfec large new zooko zooko minor enhancement
#268 implement CHK download helper upload-helper download new warner warner major enhancement
#275 need more reliable way to determine when introducer is ready when started from a script (than polling for creation of introducer.furl) introducer start new somebody zooko minor defect
#283 implement mutable-file upload/download helpers mutable upload-helper upload download new warner major enhancement
#284 helper farm upload-helper new warner secorp major task
#295 distributed authorization of access to nodes introduction new warner major task
#306 Clean up code terminology: "SSK" vs "slot", etc mutable newcaps docs new somebody warner minor task
#307 maybe add node metadata? (in addition to edge metadata) vdrive metadata time new warner major enhancement
#308 add directory traversal / deep-verify capability? vdrive newcaps verify repair privacy anonymity research new warner major enhancement
#316 add caching to tahoe proper? cache performance fuse smb preservation new somebody warner major enhancement
#325 flogtool scalability/performance logging scalability performance memory new warner zooko major defect
#362 enhance upload to search longer and more completely for shares upload performance new kevan secorp major defect
#375 include "retry backoff limit" in introducer announcements? backoff new warner minor enhancement
#389 Implement Web Portal feature. portal ui new nejucomo minor enhancement
#403 grid identifier newcaps newurls gridid new zooko major enhancement
#427 what happens when a file changes as you're copying it? integrity locking upload new warner minor defect
#432 writing down filecaps: revise URI scheme newcaps newurls new warner major task
#433 mailing list archives are threaded weirdly pipermail archive new zandr warner minor defect
#444 reduce number of active connections: connect-on-demand performance scalability memory new warner major enhancement
#445 implement relay: allow storage servers behind NAT firewall availability new somebody warner major enhancement
#446 shrink UEB: derive more fields from version+filesize backward-compatibility space-efficiency upload ueb new warner minor enhancement
#447 explore improved peer-selection approaches: chord, reliability-based preservation scalability new warner major enhancement
#449 deletion: maintain per-account file manifest, cancel leases upon removal manifest deletion new warner major enhancement
#451 webdav frontend webdav cache twisted gsoc new warner normal enhancement
#453 safely add plaintext_hash to immutable UEB integrity newcaps performance new warner major enhancement
#464 evaluate different share-storage schemes performance statistics scalability backend new warner major task
#468 design+build the Usage/Aggregator service accounting wui new warner major enhancement
#480 mutable storage-server API needs a way to refuse shares mutable reliability error new warner major defect
#482 build a checker/verifier that can work from just SI verify new warner major enhancement
#484 client feedback channel performance statistics logging new somebody warner major enhancement
#487 add munin graphs of garbage percentage statistics new somebody warner major task
#488 Thunderbird plugin usability new zandr major enhancement
#500 what happens if you run out of sequence numbers in mutable files spec newcaps new zooko major defect
#508 'tahoe debug verify-share' command tahoe-debug verify new somebody warner minor task
#521 disconnect unresponsive servers (using foolscap's disconnectTimeout) availability foolscap anti-censorship new warner warner major defect
#524 upgrade notification usability upgrade privacy new warner minor enhancement
#529 Implement Halt and Catch Fire reliability availability anti-censorship error new zandr major defect
#560 use validation metadata from other servers to validate this server's data? preservation availability download new zooko minor enhancement
#579 report corrupted shares error usability preservation download repair anti-censorship new zooko major defect
#595 get the immutable file hash of a file without uploading it performance usability new somebody zooko major enhancement
#597 add 'tahoe mirror' command, use backupdb usability backup new warner major enhancement
#599 maybe add share-metadata: "where-are-the-other-shares" hints download new warner major enhancement
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