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tiddly_on_tahoe caching issue -- must hit reload to see new contents

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Component: unknown Version: 1.8.1
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When the file has changed on the server, and then I load the file in Firefox-3, I *sometimes* get the old version -- whatever version was most recently seen in this particular Firefox-3 browser, and I have to hit "reload" to get the new version. I haven't reproduced it exactly yet -- sometimes I seem to get the current version.

Changed 2 years ago by zooko

In fact, it seems like if I already *have* the page visible in one tab, and also in another tab, and then I save in the one tab, and then after it finishes saving I hit reload in the other tab, then I *still* get the old version, and I have to hit reload a *second* time to get the new version. This could be a bug in Tahoe or in Tiddly or in the interaction between them. comment:2 Changed 7 days ago by zooko

Possibly the same or related issue: it seems like I have to click save twice to cause it to save, and I also have to load it and then load it again to cause it to load... comment:3 Changed 6 days ago by zooko

see also #1 and and #10 . ducki2p may have fixed some or all of these in his branch for i2p.

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