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button to create a new tiddly_on_tahoe instance

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Component: unknown Version: 1.8.1
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With the current version of tiddly_on_tahoe, there is a bit of "manual labor" or "hassle" in the setup phase -- you have to create a Tahoe dir, then upload the TW wiki.html file to it, then edit the URL manually to append /wiki.html to the directory's URL.

tiddly_on_tahoe could do all of those steps automatically, at the press of a single button! It could issue a REST command to its host to create a new directory and then save a copy of itself to that directory. Once this is implemented, then there will be a single button that you can press to produce a clone of a given tiddly_on_tahoe instance. The new clone and the original will live in separate Tahoe directories, which means access to them can be separately granted or withheld. One could even imagine that this makes tiddly_on_tahoe into a "viral" decentralized web app, where it is trivial for unsophisticated users who look at one and like it to acquire their own.

Is that not cool? I think that would be awesome. Someone should definitely do it.

But not me, right now, as I really need to finish Repairer for Tahoe-1.3.0 ASAP.

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