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missing git tags causes tests to fail

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kaoline tried to run setup.py test in a tree that was cloned from zancas's github repo. This failed when something tried to import allmydata._version.

Zancas's repo lacks tags, so kaoline's tree lacked them too. setup.py build ran without complaint, but it did not create src/allmydata/_version.py as usual, because the git describe --tags --dirty --always command (copied from Versioneer) didn't see any tags, so setup.py didn't deduce a version string, so it didn't create _version.py. This is ok for setup.py, but actually trying to use tahoe (including running tests) fails, since __init__.py fails to do its import _version.

Modern Versioneer handles this better (by faking a "0.0" tag if it can't find any others). The code in tahoe's setup.py is copied from an older form of Versioneer. The best fix (after 1.11) is probably to switch over to Versioneer altogether, instead of copying fragments of it into setup.py .

Meanwhile, I'd recommend that developers start by cloning the official repo at https://github.com/tahoe-lafs/tahoe-lafs.git , which should get them all the correct tags.

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I had the same problem when setting up Travis-CI, since by default it does a shallow clone (--depth=50 IIRC). I fixed it in that case by adding a git pull --depth=1000 command to .travis.yml.

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Due to the fix for #2340, this at least now should print a reasonable warning message during the build.

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