20:23 Ticket #119 (lease expiration / deletion / garbage-collection) created by warner
I think the last Big Thing we need to develop (as opposed to implement …
19:50 Ticket #118 (refactor webapi) created by zooko
I would like to change the web API in some of the following ways. I'm …
19:39 Ticket #117 (webapi for metadata in vdrive) created by warner
For a backup application (in which the vdrive is used to mirror the …
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mention Solaris (diff)
19:24 Ticket #116 (implement the CHK-uploader helper, aka "offloaded uploader") created by warner
I've been slowly working on an "offloaded uploader", in which the …
19:16 Ticket #115 (update webapi docs for distributed dirnodes) created by warner
Our current (temporary) situation is to put all vdrive "directory …
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18:09 Ticket #15 (consider using setuptools for tahoe) closed by zooko
duplicate: This ticket is superceded by #82.
17:48 Ticket #19 (occasional exception from trac darcs plugin) closed by zooko
worksforme: I still haven't seen this bug. Closing as irreproducible. Please …


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update tickets for v0.6 (diff)
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new tickets (v0.6) (diff)
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latest news: v0.5 (diff)
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fix link to mailing list (diff)
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link to p2p-hackers list in case there is discussion there (diff)
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archive v0.4 release (diff)
22:28 Ticket #114 (command-line: multiple files at once) created by zooko
It would be nice if "allmydata-tahoe put a b c d e/" would put the …
22:09 Ticket #113 (command-line: do things in an incremental fashion and accept stdin as input) created by zooko
The "put" command-line currently can't take stdin as its input, …
22:05 Ticket #111 (command-line: whoops, put doesn't work) closed by zooko
fixed: Okay, so it turns out that our web server doesn't accept a header and …
21:34 Ticket #112 (command-line: give it default values for the final element of the pathname) created by zooko
It would be nice if, e.g. "allmydata-tahoe put foo bar", where bar is …
21:32 Ticket #111 (command-line: whoops, put doesn't work) created by zooko
I just noticed that the files I've been putting are coming out empty.
20:30 Ticket #53 (command-line interface) closed by zooko
fixed: Implemented rm. 0c22044f7edb16b4 Now doing extra manual …
20:04 Ticket #106 (command-line clarify the --server flag and use a local default) closed by zooko
fixed: Making a nice default value is now ticket #110. The rest of this …
20:00 Ticket #108 (Top-level trac URL kruft at: http://allmydata.org/trac/) closed by zooko
fixed: Fixed -- thanks!
19:30 Ticket #110 (command-line: default "--node-url http://localhost:`cat webport`") created by zooko
This is a descendent of #106. Make it so that the default value of …
07:00 Milestone 0.5.0 completed
01:33 Ticket #109 (current upstream figleaf doesn't do the right thing) created by warner
00:53 Ticket #74 (Confusing UI Terminology: "Add Shared Directory") closed by nejucomo
fixed: The current labels make much more sense to me. After seeing them, the …
00:06 Ticket #108 (Top-level trac URL kruft at: http://allmydata.org/trac/) created by nejucomo
The top-level trac url has to spurious entries, which currently are: …


21:52 Ticket #100 (webapi -- final polishing) closed by zooko
21:51 Ticket #99 (win32 port has bit-rotted) closed by zooko


23:15 Ticket #94 (deleting nameless file confounds webish.py) closed by warner
fixed: I've fixed webish.py to allow you to delete empty-named files. I also …
21:32 Ticket #107 (command-line: progress indicators) created by zooko
It would be nice for get and put to have optional progress …
21:29 Ticket #106 (command-line clarify the --server flag and use a local default) created by zooko
The word "vdrive server" can mean either a tahoe node that exports a …
19:36 Ticket #105 (command-line: access to uris) created by zooko
It might be cool if you could peek and poke at URIs as well as at …
19:33 Ticket #104 (does cp -r work as expected?) created by zooko
It would be good if the command-lines […] and […] supported …
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add note about POST (diff)
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link to Ludovic Courtes's bibliography (diff)


20:12 Ticket #103 (navigate by URIs in webish.py) created by zooko
When a user is looking at a web page which represents a directory, …
19:02 Ticket #28 (change trac 'component' names) closed by warner
17:05 Packaging edited by zooko
00:51 Ticket #101 (web page usability: after POST, redirect to somewhere useful) closed by warner
fixed: Fixed, in 31bfb3950a12a65a: this broke when I fixed the …
00:08 Ticket #102 (smaller and prettier directory URIs) created by warner
Our webapi.txt document currently contains the following admonition: …


22:41 Ticket #101 (web page usability: after POST, redirect to somewhere useful) created by warner
The human-oriented web interfaces (specifically the POST t=mkdir and …
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add link to source tarball download directory, and to the current release (diff)
17:14 Ticket #100 (webapi -- final polishing) created by zooko
Before releasing v0.5, I'd like to consider some changes to …
17:08 Ticket #99 (win32 port has bit-rotted) created by zooko
The native win32 (not cygwin) version of the code currently doesn't …
17:04 Ticket #73 (web ui: link file into directory without uploading) closed by zooko
fixed: Yes! Thanks!
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