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change trac 'component' names

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The 'code' component needs to be broken up into smaller pieces. Let's enumerate those pieces here for a few weeks and then I'll go into trac and add the new names.

  • introducer / peer connection establishment
  • peer selection (upload)
  • peer selection (download)
  • file encoding / decoding
  • vdrive maintenance (including filetree work)
  • local web ui
  • other ui approaches (FUSE, 'allmydata-tahoe cp' commands, etc)
  • storageserver service/remoteinterface


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We're not sure that we actually want more "component" names. Maybe we want less component names.

In cases like this, I like to think "imperatively" rather than "declaratively". Rather than asking: "What should be?", I like to ask "How should we act?".

With regard to component names I currently don't use them for anything. I tried using them to narrow down the field in order to find specific tickets I was looking for, but I frequently guessed wrong about what "component" the ticket would be filed under, which slowed down my search rather than speeding it up. Nowadays, I just look at the entire list and scan with my eyes, or else use the search field to search all tickets. I don't use the "component" field for anything.

comment:3 Changed at 2007-08-09T20:11:39Z by warner

I'm looking at the 35 'code' tickets that we have, and I find that I want to classify them by functional area, possibly so I can visually find them more easily, possibly so I can get a sense of how much work we need to do on various parts of our roadmap.txt .

The categories I'm seeing are:

comment:4 Changed at 2007-08-14T18:47:34Z by warner

I'm going to create the following code- components now:

  • performance
  • storage
  • peer selection
  • frontend
  • frontend-web
  • node-admin
  • encoding
  • network (upnp, stun, relay, introduction)

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