13:21 Ticket #60 (current "Priority:" setting isn't useful) closed by zooko
13:20 Ticket #332 (K=1 for mutable files) closed by zooko
04:11 Ticket #521 (disconnect unresponsive servers (using foolscap's disconnectTimeout)) created by warner
#287 describes an important application-level fix we need to make: …


19:38 Ticket #520 (indicate size limits early in helper protocol) created by warner
We currently have a roughly 12GB limit on the size of an immutable …


12:51 Ticket #519 (can't Register new accounts in Trac) closed by zooko


23:46 Ticket #519 (can't Register new accounts in Trac) created by warner
At some point, the 'Register' button in the top-right navbar …
21:28 Ticket #518 ('tahoe.cfg': replace (multiple) configuration files with a single file) created by warner
I seem to remember somebody complaining that Tahoe's configuration …
20:52 Ticket #517 (make tahoe Tor- and I2P-friendly) created by warner
Jake Appelbaum and I were talking at the last hackfest about what it …
19:39 Ticket #516 (set up mailing list to receive automated mails from darcs/trac/buildbot) created by zooko
Peter asked if he could subscribe to a mailing list or RSS to learn …
17:12 Ticket #515 (CLI tools for checker/repairer) created by warner
It would be nice to be able to drive the checker/repairer from the …
05:22 Ticket #509 (include deep-stats output in deep-check) closed by warner
fixed: yup, the JSON has a ['stats'] field with the same data as …
05:20 Ticket #301 (t=deep-check with JSON output, for automated checking) closed by warner
fixed: The webapi now does the right thing, and both mutable and immutable …
05:19 Ticket #205 (checker for mutable files: make "check" button on wui work) closed by warner
fixed: Ok, I'm now happy with the way the checker is driven. The web pages …


23:35 Ticket #373 (Access permissions of files in source tarball too strict) closed by warner
fixed: yup, that was it. Things should be fixed now. The most recent release …
23:13 Ticket #282 (more detailed and targeted docs about installing from source) closed by warner
fixed: Ok, I've added the InstallDetails wiki page, with everything that came …
22:59 Ticket #249 (move bundled dependencies out of revision control history and make ...) closed by warner
fixed: Ok, docs are done. I've added the InstallDetails wiki page, and I've …
22:53 InstallDetails edited by warner
explain the tahoe-debs bundle and the "desert island" build (diff)
22:42 InstallDetails edited by warner
update debian notes (diff)
22:36 InstallDetails created by warner
add more build/install information
21:08 Doc edited by warner
add InstallDetails wiki page, remove link to (now-deleted) … (diff)
21:03 WikiStart edited by warner
minor edits (diff)
18:05 WikiStart edited by zooko
more links to test grid (diff)
18:02 TestGrid edited by zooko
add link to welcome page (diff)
17:17 Ticket #499 (emacs thinks our makefile is a BSD makefile) closed by zooko
wontfix: Agreed. Closing this ticket as won't-fix.
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