22:54 Ticket #850 (tahoe backup loops on recursive links) closed by warner
fixed: e769bbb6dd41d40c fixes this, by skipping over all symlinks …
22:38 Ticket #848 ("tahoe backup": --prefix argument) closed by warner
duplicate: oops, this is a dup of #632
18:49 Ticket #930 (switch from figleaf to coverage.py) created by zooko
We have several problems using figleaf: #109, #387, #623, #810. We …
06:29 Ticket #929 (Dirnodes can be created without "tahoe" metadata) created by davidsarah
It seems that it is possible for a dirnode to be created without the …
06:07 Ticket #928 (start downloading as soon as you know where to get K shares) created by zooko
The current code (2a2cc5c4b8a490ae) performs immutable …
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editing (diff)
02:49 RelatedProjects edited by zooko
link to TipsTricks (diff)
02:38 WikiStart edited by zooko
update news to be in the past tense (diff)


15:37 Ticket #927 (t=set_children uses an underscore, when all other webapi commands use ...) closed by zooko
15:32 Ticket #729 (Tahoe backup should WARN and go on when finding errors like: links to ...) closed by zooko
fixed: applied in b03406af9d216278. Thank you very much!
14:54 Ticket #926 (FTP frontend: Improve message if Twisted is unpatched) closed by zooko
fixed: Hm, we don't like to use assert for flow control. For one thing, …
14:34 Ticket #878 (warn users about the performance issues of mutable files) closed by zooko
fixed: Applied as 26c6b806d7922da1. Thank you!
05:33 TestGrid edited by zooko
immutable file on memory lane (diff)
04:59 Ticket #909 (Message saying that we couldn't find bin/tahoe in test_runner.py ...) closed by zooko
fixed: Looks good, thanks! Applied as 174d3566923a37b5.
04:56 Ticket #856 (Mention 'tahoe run' in running.html, and improve tahoe --help text) closed by zooko
fixed: Thank you! I really like the command grouping! Applied as …
04:36 Ticket #760 (the command to create a server is named "create-client") closed by zooko
fixed: Looks good! Thank you. Applied as 87f1bae7fe715da1.
01:50 Ticket #888 (Fuse system tests in contrib/fuse/runtests.py are broken) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed by d0c6aa569d965b3d but a better version of this …


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fill in Memory Lane with new candidates (diff)
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add Memory Lane (only releases up to 1.5.0) (diff)


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tips & tricks (diff)
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moving stuff to Tips & Tricks (diff)
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19:03 TipsTricks created by ndurner
01:54 Ticket #927 (t=set_children uses an underscore, when all other webapi commands use ...) created by davidsarah
That is how it is documented in webapi.txt, but it still took me half …


15:34 Ticket #926 (FTP frontend: Improve message if Twisted is unpatched) created by ndurner
It took me a while to remember that the message "your twisted is …


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priority filter in 'all open tickets' doesn't work as intended, removing it (diff)
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improve order of filters in 'all open tickets' query (diff)
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typo in last change (diff)
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improve 'all open tickets' query to add blank filters for owner and … (diff)
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improve 'all open tickets' query to make it easier to find tickets you … (diff)
08:11 Ticket #925 (Information leak to holders of a directory read cap, about whether ...) created by davidsarah
The encryption of the rw_uri of a dirnode with the writekey of …
05:07 Ticket #924 (stop writing mtime and ctime fields (except for "tahoe backup")) created by zooko
In Tahoe-LAFS v1.3 metadata fields named mtime and ctime
00:42 Ticket #923 (setting flogtool FLOG* environment variables causes spurious test failures) created by davidsarah
The following FLOG* environment variables are supposed to …


21:56 Ticket #922 (The URL of the info page for an unknown dirnode should not grant ...) created by davidsarah
For known cap types, the URL of the info page for a dirnode is …
08:41 Ticket #919 (hitting the "create directory" button in the WUI gives an error) closed by francois
fixed: Brian Warner wrote: > Patch is pushed, de14791caf52ddf8. …
00:03 ViewTickets edited by davidsarah
capleak query (diff)


17:29 Ticket #921 (iTunes refuses to stream music from created by zooko
If I ask iTunes on Mac OS X to stream music from my local Tahoe-LAFS …
07:04 Ticket #920 (mkdir-immutable probably shouldn't implicitly create (mutable) ...) created by davidsarah
From #903: > ... I don't think that automatically creating the …
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regression query (diff)
04:34 Ticket #919 (hitting the "create directory" button in the WUI gives an error) created by secorp
Reported by Kai Noda (nodakai@…) and replicated by me, hitting …
00:00 Ticket #918 (Abstraction violations in web/info.py) created by davidsarah
At source:src/allmydata/web/info.py?rev=4164#L92 , we see […] (and …
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