22:44 CodingStandards edited by davidsarah
move "assertion policy" section to a more relevant place (diff)
22:41 CodingStandards edited by davidsarah
s/_assert_consistency/_assert_invariants/ (diff)
22:29 CodingStandards edited by davidsarah
dispute implicit conversion to boolean (diff)
21:11 WikiStart edited by zooko
"Least-Authority" instead of "Least Authority" (diff)
21:08 Ticket #1548 (separate configuration from instantiation of Client instance) created by zooko
I'm writing tests of configuration, and currently reading values from …
20:39 Ticket #1444 (confusion between node and client/gateway in configuration.rst) closed by zooko@…
fixed: In 3a14ad1bb18e741f: […]
20:19 Ticket #1445 ("tempdir" field is in the wrong section of tahoe.cfg) closed by zooko
wontfix: Let's wontfix this because I don't want to spend the costs to …
19:00 SftpFrontend edited by davidsarah
say how to unmount an sshfs filesystem (diff)
18:56 SftpFrontend edited by davidsarah
don't mention Bryan Tri Pham MacFUSE fork (no source), and doesn't fix … (diff)
17:48 Ticket #1547 (the WUI controls for setting the type of an uploaded file are confusing) created by zooko
I was uploading a file and I thought that it was of type SDMF because …
10:30 Summit2011 edited by bibilthaysose
added my name to interested list, although I'm not sure if I'll … (diff)
08:45 Summit2011 edited by zooko
capitalization (diff)
08:45 Summit2011 edited by zooko
whoops -- wrong month. (diff)
07:17 Ticket #1546 (pass arbitrary options to twistd through the "tahoe" command-line) created by zooko
comment:4:ticket:1267 Brian suggested: What if we accepted a syntax …
07:15 Ticket #138 (profiling) closed by zooko
fixed: Hm, well as a feature, this is in there since four years ago. Maybe …
05:01 Performance/Sep2011 edited by warner
oops, all MDMF test files were k=3. Need proper results. (diff)
02:26 Summit2011 edited by zancas
02:05 Summit2011 edited by zooko
add request for volunteers for Tele Audio / Video (diff)
00:25 Ticket #1545 (add readv() API to immutable-share storage-server protocol, use in ...) created by warner
One of the most obvious fixes for the immutable-download performance …
00:16 Ticket #1544 (downloader: coordinate crypttext_hash_tree requests) created by warner
One performance improvement idea from the #1264 and …
00:02 Ticket #1543 (rearrange share format to make downloads faster) created by warner
(I thought I had a ticket for this already, but now I can't find it) …


18:20 Summit2011 edited by ChosenOne
linebreak (diff)
18:15 Summit2011 edited by ChosenOne
link to last tahoe-lafs summit (diff)
18:11 Summit1 edited by ChosenOne
clarifying, this is about the first one (diff)
18:09 Summit2011 edited by ChosenOne
initial edit for second tahoe-lafs summit. information on date, … (diff)
17:47 Summit1 created by ChosenOne
copied over from Summit page
05:08 Ticket #1542 (release 1.9.0) created by davidsarah
04:56 Ticket #1540 (MDMF: exception in unpack_checkstring being dropped) closed by kevan@…
fixed: In a911e15783e6fca7: […]
04:10 Ticket #1366 (avoid calling req.finish() on closed HTTP connections) reopened by davidsarah
The main bug in this ticket is fixed for 1.9. However since the …
03:17 Ticket #627 (formatting of NEWS file) closed by davidsarah
fixed: This was fixed in a817163cc698316d.
00:37 Ticket #1541 (Add ?t=xml parameter for getting file statistics) created by bibilthaysose
The best way to programmatically retrieve file statistics is currently …


21:32 Ticket #1474 (test that classes declared to implement a zope interface actually ...) closed by david-sarah@…
fixed: In 417054aabad6cf4b: […]


21:14 Ticket #1540 (MDMF: exception in unpack_checkstring being dropped) created by davidsarah
Split from #1534. davidsarah wrote: > layout.py defines: […] > …
06:24 Performance/Sep2011 edited by warner
06:24 atlasperf.git.tar.gz attached to Performance/Sep2011 by warner
benchmark tools and raw data
06:19 CHK-100MB-vs-segsize.2.png attached to Performance/Sep2011 by warner
06:19 MDMF-100MB-partial.png attached to Performance/Sep2011 by warner
06:19 MDMF-1MB-partial.png attached to Performance/Sep2011 by warner
06:19 CHK-100MB-vs-segsize.png attached to Performance/Sep2011 by warner
06:19 CHK-100MB-vs-k.png attached to Performance/Sep2011 by warner
06:18 CHK-100MB-partial.png attached to Performance/Sep2011 by warner
06:18 CHK-1MB-vs-segsize.png attached to Performance/Sep2011 by warner
06:18 CHK-1MB-vs-k.png attached to Performance/Sep2011 by warner
06:18 CHK-1MB-partial.png attached to Performance/Sep2011 by warner
06:18 CHK-1MB-k3-partial.png attached to Performance/Sep2011 by warner
06:17 Performance/Sep2011 created by warner
add report on performance tests
06:07 Performance edited by warner
new page for Sep-2011 atlasperf1 report (diff)


20:05 Ticket #1539 (stop putting pkg_resources.require() into .tac files) created by zooko
Per comment:1:ticket:1159: One thing that we can do right away to …


20:01 Ticket #1538 (tests should create share files with the same Unix mode bits as a real ...) created by davidsarah
Real storage servers create share files with mode 600 (rw-------), but …
17:38 ViewTickets edited by davidsarah
fix transposed != and = (diff)
17:36 ViewTickets edited by davidsarah
add 'most recently changed open tickets' query (diff)


21:52 Ticket #1537 (fix some Interface violations) created by warner
Daira ran a script (in #1474) and found a list of places where classes …
03:28 Performance edited by zooko
add link to Brian's new benchmarks (diff)
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