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#54 port memory usage tests to windows windows memory performance test assigned davidsarah zooko major enhancement
#113 command-line: do things in an incremental fashion and accept stdin as input tahoe-put http streaming memory assigned zooko zooko major enhancement
#173 How does tahoe filesystem layer (lafs) handle lots of file-upload tasks? scalability upload performance memory new somebody zooko major enhancement
#200 writing of shares is fragile and "tahoe stop" is unnecessarily harsh reliability new warner zooko major enhancement
#203 add deep-copy function to web API usability performance webdav new warner major enhancement
#277 make the wui show the underlying LAFS model -- one WUI page per link in LAFS newurls wui usability new zooko zooko major enhancement
#287 download: tolerate lost or missing servers download availability performance test hang anti-censorship new warner major defect
#296 enforce timeout on DYHB queries? upload-helper performance hang new warner major defect
#309 add web page to Introducer, with client lists/counts introducer statistics privacy new somebody warner major enhancement
#317 measurements of grid usage for the TestGrid page statistics testgrid reopened somebody zooko major enhancement
#320 add streaming (on-line) upload to HTTP interface streaming performance upload fuse webdav twisted reliability http assigned zooko warner major enhancement
#327 performance measurement of directories test performance scalability large assigned zooko zooko major enhancement
#333 immutable-uploader-helper leftovers upload-helper test upload statistics new warner warner major task
#337 how does the whole system handle lots of file-upload tasks? scalability performance upload new somebody zooko major defect
#366 address Nathan Wilcox's concerns about "Tahoe and the browser security model" security capleak docs websec new nejucomo zooko major defect
#371 corrupted introducer.furl causes subtle startup breakage startup error new warner major defect
#383 large directories take a long time to modify dirnode performance newcaps new warner major enhancement
#390 'readonly_storage' and 'reserved_space' not honored for mutable-slot write requests reliability mutable backend availability anti-censorship new warner major defect
#395 why are so many helper files being abandoned? upload-helper space-efficiency new somebody warner major task
#397 increase helper fetch blocksize to 1MB upload-helper new warner major task
#406 end-to-end encoding self-test test pycryptopp integrity assigned zooko zooko major defect
#413 mutable files: expose version info to HTTP clients mutable integrity versioning webapi wui new warner major enhancement
#414 profiling on directory unpacking performance new zooko zooko major defect
#437 automatically schedule tests of large files test large new somebody zooko major defect
#465 add a mutable-file cache performance cache mutable confidentiality memory new warner major enhancement
#471 servermap update chart doesn't fit wui usability new zooko major defect
#492 mutable files: add ciphertext hash tree to signature block newcaps security integrity forward-compatibility backward-compatibility mutable new zooko warner major defect
#504 build 'tahoe debug decode' command tahoe-debug transparency new warner major enhancement
#543 repair/rebalancing service performance repair new warner major enhancement
#544 'tahoe check' / 'tahoe deep-check' CLI should have prettier output tahoe-check repair usability assigned francois warner major enhancement
#562 add a "censor" command to filter out sensitive information from log files privacy logging confidentiality new somebody zooko major defect
#583 repairer: test cancel, upload failure, download failure repair upload download test new zooko major defect
#584 repairer: test what happens when servers fail or hang repair availability test anti-censorship new zooko major defect
#589 JSON link does not work if there is a '#' character in the file name. encoding wui names new booker major defect
#605 two-hour delay to connect to a grid from Win32, if there are many storage servers unreachable windows performance hang introduction assigned zooko zooko major defect
#643 Automatically schedule repair process (and backups?) repair availability preservation usability scheduling tahoe-backup new somebody mmore major enhancement
#687 too many "false alarms" in incident reporting error logging usability foolscap new somebody zooko major defect
#731 what to do with filenames that are illegal on some systems forward-compatibility i18n unicode names new zooko major defect
#770 webapi: listen on multiple interfaces/ports http port new swillden major enhancement
#841 Support localization by eliminating hardcoded English strings i18n l10n new somebody davidsarah major defect
#851 tahoe backup exclude option only matches on filename instead of path tahoe-backup usability new francois major enhancement
#863 unlink file with empty name through the CLI usability cli names easy assigned davidsarah zooko major defect
#865 Document current crypto and encoding in detail docs security new ioerror davidsarah major task
#870 Prevent socket hijacking on OSes that don't prevent it by default (Windows) security integrity confidentiality privacy windows foolscap twisted docs assigned davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#873 upload: tolerate lost or unacceptably slow servers upload preservation availability performance hang error new kevan warner major defect
#915 the timers used by tahoe backup to trigger repair for unhealthy files should be configurable tahoe-backup preservation usability new davidsarah major defect
#935 zandr's FUSE/NAS idea fuse smb sftp sshfs webdav cache preservation gsoc new warner major enhancement
#963 configure default installation of tahoe to point at a working grid install testgrid usability new somebody secorp major enhancement
#1008 Unhandled error conditions disclose detailed information wui security privacy anonymity logging error anti-censorship new duck major defect
#1021 report all exceptions logging foolscap error new warner zooko major defect
#1042 KeyError exception seen in log when doing a mutable publish on the pubgrid mutable upload reliability new davidsarah major defect
#1136 don't run a web-API frontend if you don't need one security websec new somebody zooko major enhancement
#1199 document known scaling issues scalability new warner zooko major enhancement
#1211 client should be able to test share placement transparency debug placement new somebody gdt major enhancement
#1394 upload should not wait for all servers to respond performance upload immutable availability servers-of-happiness new kevan davidsarah major defect
#1426 re-key (write-enabler) protocol preservation anti-censorship rekey write-enabler mutable new warner major enhancement
#1439 add docs/tests.rst documenting how to run tests and how to interpret the output docs test new somebody davidsarah major task
#1485 web-API: POSTs and GETs should be to distinct URLs newurls http usability webapi standards assigned davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#1513 memory usage in MDMF publish mutable mdmf memory-leak performance docs new warner major defect
#1551 WUI: the Upload results page should have both view and download links usability wui new davidsarah major defect
#1588 I want to trigger backups through the WUI. backup wui usability new zooko major enhancement
#1653 mutable-retrieve should accept good shares from servers with bad shares preservation mutable retrieve new warner major defect
#1156 the test_2_good_8_hung_then_1_recovers_* methods in test_hung_server are wrong test download new somebody davidsarah normal defect
#1194 Garbage Collector need to remove subdirs of storage/shares when deleting shares munin statistics easy new nobody freestorm normal defect
#1203 /storage is insufficiently verbose when no crawl running leases wui usability new nobody adi normal defect
#1535 Allow restricting Tahoe-LAFS gateway to one user by supporting Unix sockets wui cli socket unix security confidentiality integrity capleak new LoneTech normal enhancement
#1559 in test_download.Corruption.test_each_byte, catalog_detection = True has bitrotted test bitrot cleanup new somebody davidsarah normal defect
#1821 show full, explorable details about check and repair operations usability transparency ostrom statistics repair new zooko normal enhancement
#1934 abolish timezones twisted standards time pratchett aliens error aesthetics interstellar-exploration new davidsarah normal defect
#2024 downloader hangs when server returns empty string download hang denial-of-service security new warner normal defect
#2236 Skip files with errors, Long files name, too large. Instead of failing the entire process tahoe-backup error cli new Zancas CyberAxe normal defect
#2325 maybe stop using tac files to indicate node type? cli config new warner daira normal defect
#2430 'tahoe backup' and 'tahoe cp' are too slow with lots of small files tahoe-backup tahoe-cp performance new daira normal enhancement
#2502 consider switching from 'verlib' to 'packaging' for version checks verlib packaging versions assigned daira daira normal enhancement
#3235 'tahoe create-node' should configure more options new meejah normal enhancement
#3236 Refactor /helper_status web resource new meejah normal enhancement
#3237 Integration tests should not use sleep integration new meejah normal defect
#3307 refactor: centralize helper for "remove comments" new meejah normal enhancement
#3310 immutable.downloader.status.DownloadStatus.get_results() is not implemented new sajith sajith normal defect
#92 add upload-status page: progress and to-whom info web upload usability reliability transparency new warner warner minor enhancement
#107 command-line: progress indicators tahoe-cp tahoe-check usability assigned zooko zooko minor enhancement
#112 command-line: give it default values for the final element of the pathname usability cli assigned zooko zooko minor enhancement
#266 when cryptography has random-access AES, update helper to use it upload-helper pycryptopp performance random-access new warner warner minor enhancement
#377 conditionalize plaintext-hasher in upload performance easy new warner minor enhancement
#386 upload status page should show nicknames status usability ostrom new akp warner minor enhancement
#430 upload/download status: add recently-finished operations status new warner warner minor enhancement
#649 Validation of configuration settings usability new ndurner minor enhancement
#689 web documents should be constructed out of unicode strings unicode new kpreid minor enhancement
#691 improve WUI directory page according to a new user's first impressions first impressions, directory assigned zooko kpreid minor enhancement
#816 Add ping-all-servers button to welcome page usability transparency ostrom statistics notifyOnDisconnect new zooko minor enhancement
#903 webapi t=mkdir-with-children and mkdir-immutable: behavior when directory already exists? usability docs new warner minor defect
#904 tahoe ls -l: show "i"/"m" instead of useless "x" usability new warner minor enhancement
#907 Stop caps from leaking to phishing-filter servers capleak integrity confidentiality forward-compatibility newurls docs websec assigned davidsarah davidsarah minor defect
#917 Amazon S3 compatible frontend frontend s3-frontend amazon new francois minor enhancement
#918 Abstraction violations in web/ cleanup assigned davidsarah davidsarah minor defect
#920 mkdir-immutable probably shouldn't implicitly create (mutable) intermediate directories docs usability new davidsarah minor defect
#1032 Display active HTTP upload operations on the status page usability upload transparency new nobody francois minor enhancement
#1078 timestamps: localizable format and timezone i18n time usability welcome directory-page wui new somebody zooko minor defect
#1139 refactor abbreviate utility methods util cleanup easy new somebody davidsarah minor defect
#1414 tahoe get on DIR2 URIs fails with error message that is too terse usability error new daira gdt minor defect
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