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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#3604 Develop Roadmap new enhancement critical Contributor Experience
#3851 release template has wrong URL new daira defect critical Automate Release Process
#3469 Create 1.15.0 release new meejah defect major soon
#3535 Document crypto used in grid-manager new task major undecided
#3673 add discourse to release-checklist new meejah enhancement major Automate Release Process
#3811 By default, onion services are v2 (should be v3) new defect major soon
#3825 Placeholder new defect major undecided
#3852 500 error from JSON welcome page new defect major undecided
#3929 Error reading directory: 'coroutine' object has no attribute 'addCallback' new defect major undecided
#2900 Get rid of "tempfile" monkey-patch new defect normal undecided
#2902 double _got_introducer if main_tab isn't started before IntroducerClient added new defect normal undecided
#2905 fail harder if we can't write announcement-seqnum new defect normal undecided
#2916 grid-manager new itamarst enhancement normal Grid Management
#2923 Automate (some of) NEWS generation new daira enhancement normal undecided
#2945 Hypothesis tests for backup behavior new enhancement normal undecided
#2946 pass reactor as an argument to allmydata.test.test_node.testing_tub new enhancement normal undecided
#2948 pull "log tub" intiailization out of Node new enhancement normal undecided
#2949 refactor: storage-broker should be given a client, also no circular ref new defect normal undecided
#2951 async-friendly initializers for "NoNetworkGrid" and tests new enhancement normal undecided
#2953 Update status API new defect normal undecided
#3041 Testing of websocket logs new defect normal undecided
#3228 very old d3, jquery new defect normal undecided
#3235 'tahoe create-node' should configure more options new enhancement normal eventually
#3236 Refactor /helper_status web resource new enhancement normal eventually
#3237 Integration tests should not use sleep new defect normal eventually
#3249 Hard-coded ports in integration tests new defect normal undecided
#3253 refactor and consolidate "Fake" classes new defect normal soon
#3269 Track active_writers without depending on GC/refcounting new defect normal soon
#3275 Improve release process new enhancement normal soon
#3307 refactor: centralize helper for "remove comments" new enhancement normal eventually
#3317 Provide testing infrastructure for clients new meejah enhancement normal soon
#3318 HOWTO / prose documentation for allmydata.testing.* new enhancement normal undecided
#3350 Tahoe should pin its dependencies new daira defect normal soon
#3494 Stop collecting/serving dependencies new defect normal undecided
#3506 Add Welcome page output for grid-manager status new enhancement normal undecided
#3507 tahoe add-grid-manager new enhancement normal undecided
#3508 grid-manager integration tests new defect normal undecided
#3570 Multiple developers can sign releases new defect normal undecided
#3571 Should grid-manager accept only "its" certificates? new enhancement normal undecided
#3710 "tahoe get" returns HTML new defect normal soon
#3740 link to web forum new defect normal undecided
#3756 use default wormhole server new meejah defect normal undecided
#3817 formatting issue with commands new defect normal undecided
#3845 "Economic plugin" errors not surfaced effectively new defect normal undecided
#3899 No indication of failure if we can't match an "announcement" new defect normal undecided
#3925 revamp "tahoe run" new enhancement normal undecided
#3933 upgrade autobahn new enhancement normal undecided
#3977 Check certificates for validity new enhancement normal undecided
#4017 WebUI: enhance "put" operations new enhancement normal undecided
#4056 attrs "provides" deprecated new defect normal undecided
#4069 benchmark output improvements new enhancement normal undecided
#4076 prepare release new defect normal undecided
#4078 intermittant failures / race-condition on new defect normal undecided
#4086 Release signatures (not available on PyPI any more) new task normal undecided
#4096 perpare release new defect normal undecided
#2943 "tox -e codechecks" should check for docstrings in all new code new enhancement minor undecided
#3226 DecryptingConsumer and EncryptedTemporaryFile refactor new enhancement minor undecided
#3280 unit-test Web-UI "welcome" page new enhancement minor undecided
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