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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#898 add support for NixOS to iputil nobody defect major 1.10.1 code-network
#899 UncoordinatedWriteError on prod grid kmarkley86 defect major undecided code-mutable
#900 Fix 'local variable is assigned to but not used' warnings from pyflakes somebody defect minor 1.6.0 code
#902 network failure => internal TypeError defect major 1.7.0 code-peerselection
#908 Make all test_runner tests work on cygwin davidsarah defect major eventually code
#909 Message saying that we couldn't find bin/tahoe in should say where we looked davidsarah defect major 1.6.0 unknown
#919 hitting the "create directory" button in the WUI gives an error nobody defect critical 1.6.0 code-frontend-web
#921 iTunes refuses to stream music from zooko defect major undecided code-frontend-web
#923 setting flogtool FLOG* environment variables causes spurious test failures warner defect major 1.7.1 code-storage
#927 t=set_children uses an underscore, when all other webapi commands use hyphens davidsarah defect major 1.6.0 code-frontend-web
#928 start downloading as soon as you know where to get K shares warner defect major 1.6.0 code-peerselection
#929 Dirnodes can be created without "tahoe" metadata davidsarah defect major 1.7.0 code-dirnodes
#930 switch from figleaf to zooko defect major soon (release n/a) dev-infrastructure
#933 Install of Tahoe on CentOS 5.4 cyrille defect major 1.7.0 packaging
#934 Update NEWS for tickets fixed in 1.6.0 nobody defect major undecided unknown
#936 spurious test failure due to race condition in allmydata.test.test_cli.Cp.test_copy_using_filecap warner defect major 1.6.1 code-frontend-cli
#937 'tahoe run' doesn't work for an introducer node davidsarah defect major 1.10.0 code-frontend-cli
#938 there are insufficient docs for using FUSE marlowe defect major soon documentation
#939 the CLI should fail gracefully when tahoe: doesn't exist and no alias is specified kevan defect major 1.6.1 code-frontend-cli
#941 SFTP frontend fails when listing a directory containing a mutable file, because it relies on node.get_size() to be an integer davidsarah defect critical 1.7.0 code-frontend
#945 KeyError if default alias is not present. defect major 1.6.1 code-frontend-cli
#948 LiteralFileURI instance has no attribute 'storage_index' bigpig defect critical 1.6.1 code-dirnodes
#949 operation handle expired defect major undecided code-frontend
#950 upload doesn't appear in the Recent Uploads Downloads page defect major undecided code-frontend-web
#952 multiple simultaneous uploads of the same file zooko defect major eventually code
#953 test and support the dependency on pycrypto terrell defect major 1.9.0 packaging
#962 Performance problems testing on a 45 disk Dual core 3.3Ghz 4G memory Box stott defect major undecided code
#968 Typo correction for the munin plugin tahoe_storagespace davidsarah defect minor 1.7.0 documentation
#969 contribute coverage plugin to Twisted somebody defect minor undecided dev-infrastructure
#973 Fix warnings found by pylint davidsarah defect minor 1.7.0 code
#974 provide user-friendly error message if the CLI can't connect to the gateway warner defect major 1.10.0 code-frontend-cli
#978 hard to navigate the docs to install, on Debian, with short attention span warner defect major 1.7.0 documentation
#983 high CPU load on storage servers when uploading large mutable file somebody defect major 1.8β code-storage
#984 no man page somebody defect major undecided packaging
#985 tahoe start --help should mention that --basedir defaults to $HOME/.tahoe nobody defect major 1.7.0 code-frontend-cli
#987 Wording fix for docs/running.html davidsarah defect minor 1.7.0 documentation
#988 Build fails when byte-compiling is disabled somebody defect major undecided packaging
#989 improve HTTP/1.1 byterange handling jsgf defect major 1.7.0 code-frontend-web
#990 Web gateway should avoid caching plaintext of downloads nobody defect major 1.8.0 code-frontend
#991 avoid caching plaintext in gateway to satisfy range requests defect major 1.7.0 code-frontend
#996 make it easier to build the iPhone client for a jailbroken iPhone using open-source toolchain somebody defect major eventually packaging
#1005 twistd plugin permissions problem causes users to think that tahoe-lafs unit tests failed somebody defect major soon code
#1006 Incorrect pycryptopp architecture selected on osx 10.6. somebody defect major eventually packaging
#1009 -SUMO package doesn't build on XP warner defect minor 1.11.0 packaging
#1012 Downloading pysqlite takes quite a long time somebody defect major undecided packaging
#1013 no binary package of pycryptopp for Debian lenny nejucomo defect major undecided packaging
#1014 provide binary .egg's for pyOpenSSL for all supported platforms and versions of Python nejucomo defect major soon (release n/a) packaging
#1015 needs doc: attempts to build from source of dependencies such as pycryptopp and pyOpenSSL nejucomo defect major undecided packaging
#1017 source repository is broken somebody defect supercritical soon (release n/a) dev-infrastructure
#1019 is 403 Forbidden somebody defect critical soon (release n/a) website
#1020 revive the Hack Tahoe-LAFS! Hall of Fame zooko defect major soon (release n/a) website
#1022 iPhone client needs tests and docs defect major undecided contrib
#1025 an installation on OS X required Twisted==2.5.0, which can't be found somebody defect major undecided packaging
#1026 upgrade zetuptoolz on supported buildslaves zooko defect critical 1.7.0 dev-infrastructure
#1028 CLI option --node-url should allow https url davidsarah defect major 1.7.0 code-frontend-cli
#1030 CLI interface to download a subtree as an archive defect major undecided code-frontend-cli
#1031 support Win64 with MinGW compiler freestorm defect major soon dev-infrastructure
#1033 *.xhtml and tahoe.css are not copied from web directory on Windows zooko defect major 1.7.0 packaging
#1034 MetadataSetter does not enforce restriction on setting "tahoe" subkeys davidsarah defect major 1.7.0 code-dirnodes
#1038 new SFTP implementation unicode issues with OpenSSH sftp client nobody defect critical 1.7.0 code-frontend
#1040 SFTP interface not working over sshfs on OS X josipl defect major 1.7.0 code-frontend
#1045 Memory leak during massive file upload (or download) through SFTP frontend zooko defect critical 1.8.1 code
#1050 open with SSH_FXF_TRUNC without SSH_FXF_CREAT violates SFTP spec, but everyone does it anyway bj0 defect major 1.7.0 code-frontend-ftp-sftp
#1053 Add 'mock' Python package to the Tahoe dependency repository somebody defect major 1.7.0 packaging
#1054 ImportError: No module named setuptools_darcs.setuptools_darcs davidsarah defect major 1.8.2 packaging
#1055 Crashed WUI due to abbreviate_time in jacoblyles defect major 1.8β code-frontend-web
#1056 SFTP times will be wrong after Y2106 defect minor eventually code-frontend
#1058 DELETE /uri/$DIRCAP/[SUBDIRS../]CHILDNAME to free space defect major undecided code-frontend-web
#1062 Renamed Title in xhtml files davidsarah defect major 1.7.0 code-frontend-web
#1063 SFTP: semantics of writing an entry to an immutable file in a writeable directory defect major 1.7.0 code-frontend
#1064 Node._startService failed: got stderr: 'ifconfig: en6: no media types?\n' defect major soon code-network
#1065 provide binary eggs of PyCrypto for our supported platforms somebody defect major soon (release n/a) packaging
#1066 increase Python version dependency to 2.4.4, to avoid a critical CPython security bug somebody defect major 1.7.0 packaging
#1067 Storage Servers version is 0 on Welcome page freestorm defect major 1.7.1 code-frontend-web
#1068 the misc/ directory needs tidying up somebody defect minor 1.7.0 dev-infrastructure
#1070 UploadUnhappinessError reported with a backtrace defect minor undecided code-frontend-cli
#1073 runner can't execute python executable on Win7-64bit sneves defect major 1.8β packaging
#1074 get rid of tahoe.exe launcher sneves defect major 1.8β packaging
#1076 Unicode normalization needs to be applied to filenames in more cases zooko defect major 1.7.0 code-dirnodes
#1079 upload of file into dir doesn't appear on Recent Uploads and Downloads Brian Warner <warner@…> defect major 1.9.0 code-frontend
#1080 assorted documentation fixes for #778 somebody defect major 1.7.0 documentation
#1081 FTP upload silently fails when nodes < happiness davidsarah defect major soon code-frontend-ftp-sftp
#1083 FTP frontend should avoid caching plaintext of uploads davidsarah defect major 1.7.1 code-frontend
#1085 we shouldn't use "assert" to validate incoming data in introducer client defect minor soon code-network
#1087 Have tahoe-lafs apt-get installable on lenny somebody defect major 1.8.2 packaging
#1088 Have tahoe-lafs apt-get installable on squeeze somebody defect major 1.8.2 packaging
#1089 SFTP and FTP: support for non-UTF-8 charsets (error message "Path could not be decoded as UTF-8") nobody defect minor eventually code-frontend
#1090 don't upload tarballs of branches (only of trunk) zooko defect major soon (release n/a) dev-infrastructure
#1093 win32 build hell somebody defect major soon packaging
#1094 automatically generate binary .egg's of pycryptopp for all of our Supported Platforms somebody defect major soon packaging
#1095 debian packaging metadata: a dependency on pyasn1 warner defect major 1.8.2 packaging
#1096 Have a dependency on pyutil somebody defect major soon packaging
#1097 Directory.xhtml is not correctly displayed with Internet Explorer zooko defect major undecided unknown
#1098 Support for FreeBSD > 6 is missing from francois defect minor 1.7.1 unknown
#1099 stdout might not have an 'encoding' attribute zooko defect minor 1.7.1 code
#1100 Add convergence wiki page with definitions and howto. somebody defect major 1.10.1 documentation
#1104 the button to unlink a child from a directory should not be labelled "del" davidsarah defect major 1.9.0 code-frontend-web
#1108 os.path.abspath() sometimes returns str instead of unicode? zooko defect major 1.8.0 code
#1114 upcase 'since' on welcome page zooko defect minor 1.7.1 code-frontend-web
#1115 count-good-share-hosts is calculated incorrectly (post-repair says 10 hosts have good shares but there are only 4 hosts) davidsarah defect major 1.9.2 code-frontend-web
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