05:38 Ticket #2073 (Wrong ports are reported for connected nodes) created by genell
In our friendnet all nodes are configured to use port 8098 as tub.port …
02:40 Ticket #1810 (decide on, document, and automate a flow for reviewing, testing, and ...) closed by daira
duplicate: Duplicate of #2052.
02:03 Changeset in trunk [40e4369] by Daira Hopwood <daira@…>
Tweak Travis IRC notification settings. Signed-off-by: Daira Hopwood …
01:49 Changeset in trunk [ec48bcf] by Daira Hopwood <daira@…>
Customize Travis notifications. Signed-off-by: Daira Hopwood …
01:05 Ticket #2072 (enable Travis-CI for the main Tahoe-LAFS repo) created by daira
Travis-CI is a virtual-machine-based …


23:45 Changeset in trunk [b8322c9] by Daira Hopwood <daira@…>
Add Travis configuration. Signed-off-by: Daira Hopwood …
23:37 Ticket #2071 (DeprecationWarning: Passing non-bytes header values is deprecated ...) created by daira
17:06 Ticket #1992 (warn if testing uncommitted code) closed by Daira Hopwood <daira@…>
fixed: In aa29f2655db37fe8bd0bbf2a8c1c5ddccf24791c/trunk: […]
17:01 Changeset in trunk [aa29f26] by Daira Hopwood <daira@…>
tahoe debug trial: print a warning message if testing uncommitted …
15:07 AdvancedInstall edited by daira
typo (diff)
15:07 AdvancedInstall edited by daira
say that 'python setup.py trial' is only for backward compatibility (diff)


21:38 Ticket #2070 (WUI: what's the difference between "Immutable" and "SDMF"?) created by zooko
<elkingrey> When uploading a file to one's client WUI what is the …
21:25 Ticket #2063 (users expect 'python setup.py install' to install dependencies) closed by zooko
wontfix: Folks, instead of fixing it so that users don't expect automatic …


22:28 RelatedProjects edited by mk.fg
added tahoe-lafs-public-clouds (diff)
21:05 Ticket #2069 (binary eggs for linux don't work on Debian 7) created by zooko
Kupo on IRC reported that using the zfec linux x86-64 egg from: …
19:51 Dev edited by zooko
more slides (diff)
17:16 BBFreeze edited by daira
Windows (diff)
16:53 BBFreeze edited by daira
Neater way to set PYTHONPATH (diff)
16:48 BBFreeze created by daira
13:20 Ticket #2068 (cloud.s3 backend: investigate DNS failures; possibly fall back to ...) created by daira
LeastAuthority.com's monitoring sees occasional DNS errors …
00:10 Ticket #2067 (licensing info is duplicated between README.txt and docs/about.rst file) created by daira
This violates the Don't Repeat Yourself principle. One should point to …


19:00 Ticket #2066 (setup.py performs work without a command being specified) created by daira
16:47 Ticket #104 (does cp -r work as expected?) closed by daira
invalid: Closed for vagueness.
16:36 Ticket #1396 (writing an incident flogfile (via foolscap 0.6.0/1) tries to use ...) closed by daira
fixed: trunk requires foolscap >= 0.6.3 (since …
14:57 WeeklyMeeting edited by zooko
add hangout url (diff)


16:40 WeeklyMeeting edited by zooko
15:18 Ticket #1842 (docs/lease-tradeoffs.svg overlapping text) closed by zooko
fixed: merged
15:18 Changeset in trunk [6e10d637] by zooko <zookog@…>
Merge pull request #57 from …
15:16 Ticket #740 (tahoe deep-check should take multiple arguments) closed by zooko
fixed: merged
15:16 Changeset in trunk [e493dce] by zooko <zookog@…>
Merge pull request #48 from markberger/740-cli-accept-multiple-aliases …
14:55 Ticket #961 (init scripts included in the apt-get install for tahoe-lafs on ...) closed by zooko
somebody else's problem: Okay, I've posted to …
14:01 Ticket #2065 (port to Python 3) created by zooko
It might be nice if Tahoe-LAFS worked on Python 3. In my opinion, the …
12:13 Ticket #1248 (move logic for build steps from buildmaster config to misc/build_helpers) closed by zooko
duplicate: Duplicate of #2049.
04:36 Ticket #2064 (The build instructions do not specify the list of dependencies) closed by zooko
wontfix: I don't want quickstart.rst to …
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