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Tahoe-LAFS extensions

There are several projects to extend Tahoe-LAFS or integrate it with other tools.

Other tools can use Tahoe-LAFS:

(see below for Tahoe-LAFS extensions -- dormant.)

Tips and Tricks

Tahoe-LAFS can be integrated into several other tools simply by adjusting some configuration settings. These include iCal, Bazaar, Perforce, and git-annex:

Spin-off Projects

These are projects that are currently primarily maintained by Tahoe-LAFS developers.


We are fortunate to have a vast library of high quality Free Software that we can re-use to build Tahoe-LAFS. We contribute patches and bug reports back to these projects. The following list is incomplete -- see also src/allmydata/

  • Python
  • Twisted
  • gcc
  • Nevow
  • setuptools
  • OpenSSL

Other Projects

These projects have no specific relationship with our project, but they are similar in some ways and so may be of interest. We sometimes exchange ideas with the developers of some of these projects, especially on the p2p-hackers mailing list.

  • bup is a backup tool with "convergent variable-length block deduplication". It re-uses some of git's internals. featured in Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News issue 9; licence: GPLv2
  • backshift is a backup tool with "convergent variable-length block deduplication", as well as compression and incremental updates. written in Python; licence: GPLv3
  • HekaFS is a project to add encryption and other multi-tenancy features to Gluster filesystem. It is sponsored by RedHat, who recently bought Gluster; featured in Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News issue 14; licence: GPLv3
  • Ugarit is a storage system inspired by Venti and implemented in Chicken Scheme. Immature—it currently can't use a remote backend, only a local POSIX filesystem. licence: BSD
  • GNUnet is an anonymous, censorship-resistant, file-sharing network. licence: GPLv2+
  • Camlistore is a distributed data store plus some ideas about synchronization, sharing, and modelling. licence: Apache
  • git is a decentralized revision control tool. No wait! It is a beautiful decentralized data store with a grotesque revision control tool built on top. (Zooko takes full responsibility for this careless slander.) licence: GPLv2
  • FreeNet is a long-running project to make a decentralized and censorship-resistant file-sharing network. featured in Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News issue 7, FAQ in FAQ 1.5; licence: GPLv2

Perhaps Somewhat Influenced By Tahoe-LAFS (or maybe very much inspired by Tahoe-LAFS)

  • Firefox Sync (originally named "Weave") is a project to securely share your web browser metadata such as cookies, saved passwords, and bookmarks. Comes standard in Firefox. licence: Mozilla
  • Octavia is a new distributed filesystem inspired by Tahoe-LAFS and intended to improve on Tahoe-LAFS in performance and usability. It is very new and not yet usable except for experimentation. licence: GPL
  • Nilestore is a secure and fault tolerant distributed storage system built using Kompics component model framework following the design of Tahoe-LAFS. currently it implements the immutable file upload and download. featured in Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News issue 11; licence: GPLv2

Tahoe-LAFS extensions -- dormant

Possibly unmaintained. Pining for the fjords?

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