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The Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News

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issue number 43March 18, 2013Tahoe-LAFS Users Group Meeting, San Francisco, Tuesday 2013-03-19, Public Grid Gaining Traction, Tahoe-LAFS on ReDonate and Greenqloud Starts Test Grid
issue number 42March 03, 2013LAE Mentioned in Wired, Weekly Dev Chat Notes, Secure OS for Running Tahoe and What Tahoe-LAFS Reveals to an Attacker
issue number 41October 30, 2012Bunch of Redundant Independent Clouds, Tahoe-LAFS on OpenWRT
issue number 40October 22, 2012Tahoe-LAFS Turning Six, IPv6 Support, lafs-backup-tool, an alternative to "tahoe backup" and Thoughts from the Scribe
issue number 39October 16, 2012Thank You!
issue number 38September 10, 2012Tahoe-LAFS Turning Six and CryptoParty
issue number 37September 3, 2012Interview with Brian Warner and Rentanodenl
issue number 36July 16, 20121.9.2 Released, On the limits of the use cases for authenticated encryption and p2p or client/server (Introducers to gossip)
issue number 35July 2, 2012Keepalives, Switching from Introducers to Gossip and grid-updates
issue number 34June 25, 2012Tahoe-LAFS 1.9.2 alpha Released for Testing, Foolscap-0.6.4 Released, Announcing and Article on Tahoe-LAFS
issue number 33June 11, 2012TWN Moves to Mondays, LAFS-RPG as a Tor Hidden Service, Resurrecting MojoNation and more
issue number 32May 28, 2012TWN Celebrates One Orbit Around the Daystar, Thoughts from the Scribe, Thank You to Atlas Networks, Redundant Array of Independent Clouds Makes a Big Splash, git-annex and more.
issue number 31May 19, 2012Roadmaps Announced, Redundant Array of Independent Clouds, Glowing Quotes, Tahoe-LAFS on Twitter, End of Support for Python 2.4, Authenticated Data Structures, New User Documentation and Use the Source.
issue number 30May 12, 2012Happy Birthday to David Sarah, Multiple Introducers, Cryto Coding Collective Tahoe-LAFS Grid and Zooko's Klog is Back
issue number 29May 05, 2012Bounty for Speeding Up Unit Tests (update) and Tahoe-LAFS on Twitter
issue number 28April 28, 2012Bounty for Speeding Up Unit Tests and On the Limits of the Use Cases for Authenticated Encryption
issue number 27April 21, 2012New Packages and Download Page and Using Wuala or Dropbox as a Tahoe-LAFS backend
issue number 26April 14, 2012Tahoe-LAFS and ports, Volunteer Grid 2 Hits a Milestone, Welcome Page, New Web UI Concept and AppArmor Profile.
issue number 25April 07, 2012TWN hits issue 25, David-Sarah named release manager for next release, Boulder Hackfest, pycryptopp, signed-introducer announcements and quote of the week.
issue number 24February 04, 2012Cryptosphere and Tahoe-LAFS on Drobo FS
issue number 23January 28, 2012TWN Scribes Strive to Become a Developer Part 4, Announcement: lafs-rpg - Restrictive Proxy Gateway and help wanted: package Tahoe-LAFS for Fedora 17
issue number 22January 21, 2012TWN Scribes Strive to Become a Developer Part 3, Tahoe-LAFS on Fedora 14 and pfSense (FreeBSD) and Looking for the Ultimate Distributed Filesystem
issue number 21January 14, 20121.9.1 Security Release, TWN Scribe Strives to Become Developer Part 2 and accounts.url option in SFTP and FTP frontends
issue number 20January 07, 2012Moving to Git, 1.9.1 Release, TWN Scribe Strives to Become Developer and Tamias
issue number 19December 13, 2011pycryptopp 0.6.0 coming soon, Tahoe as a Backend Driver for iRODS and Tahoe Provisioning Tool
issue number 18November 29, 2011Newest Contributor, 1.8.3 Being Backported, Tahoe-LAFS Inspired Student Thesis, LAE Sponsors pycryptopp Hacking and backshift
issue number 17November 22, 20111.9 Released, New Server, Tahoe-LAFS Summit, Visualizer, Buildslaves Need Updates and FreedomBox Posting
issue number 16October 25, 2011Tahoe-LAFS Summit, New, Mozilla, Logo Feedback and JonDonym Announces Tahoe-LAFS Grid
issue number 15October 16, 20111.9.0 beta 1 released, Foolscap 0.6.2 released, Least Authority Enterprises, Accounting 11.10, Tahoe-LAFS logo
issue number 14October 10, 20111.8.3 released, Second Tahoe Summit, 1.9.0a2 released, outage, HekaFS, Atlas Networks and more
issue number 13September 6, 20111.9 status, Noisebridge's grid, Tahoe with pyfilesystem and Dokan, adding new nodes to an existing grid, Live CD status, iPhone client.
issue number 12August 30, 2011Return of TWN, 1.9 status, the Crypto Project Tahoe-LAFS grid, live image, someone else's gateway vs. your own.
issue number 11August 14, 2011Progress towards 1.9, Nilestore, compilation issues with 1.8.2 and Windows XP
issue number 10August 7, 2011Progress towards 1.9, puppet-tahoe, protecting caps, restarting the public grid, compilation issues on OS X
issue number 9July 31, 2011Features going into v1.9, shutdown of the public demo grid, bup
issue number 8July 24, 20111.9 release plan, The Crypto Project, Tahoe and SSHFS, Tahoe introducers, hash based signatures and more
issue number 7July 16, 2011Pagekite, Freenet, Live CD, more
issue number 6July 9, 2011Tahoe-LAFS Summit, Tahoe on Plug Computers, Tahoe-LAFS Android client, Web API blacklist, more
issue number 5July 4, 2011Tahoe-LAFS Summit, Least Authority Enterprises, tiddly_on_tahoe, Nilestore, more
issue number 4June 26, 2011Tahoe-LAFS in Debian, Summit Imminent, interview with Patrick, pubgrid gets a DMCA takedown, more
issue number 3June 17, 2011Summit Schedule posted, interview with Peter, write-only backup cap
issue number 2June 9, 2011testgrid management, access control, Bitcoin bounty, interview with Kevan
issue number 1May 28, 20111.9.0 planning, reviewers-needed, summit planning, volunteergrid2, webdrive, iphone client, Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News, git-annex