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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#615 Can JavaScript loaded from Tahoe access all your content which is loaded from Tahoe? davidsarah defect critical code-frontend-web 1.3.0
#127 Cap URLs leaked via HTTP Referer header davidsarah defect major code-frontend-web 0.7.0
#549 MODE_WRITE mapupdate: maybe increase epsilon to handle large batches of new servers better bazuka defect major code-mutable 1.2.0
#554 some directory targets in wapi/wui require trailing slashes davidsarah defect major code-frontend-web 1.2.0
#567 add version info to t=JSON output data rvs enhancement major code-frontend-web n/a
#625 Can't repair read-only dirnodes/mutable-files warner defect major code-mutable 1.3.0
#682 FTP frontend should support Unicode filenames encoded as UTF-8 francois defect major code-frontend-ftp-sftp 1.3.0
#686 Search for lost share resulted in a directory popping up at unexpected place daira defect major code-frontend-web 1.4.1
#699 rebalance during repair or upload davidsarah defect major code-peerselection 1.4.1
#725 We should whine if we're running as root. davidsarah enhancement major code-nodeadmin 1.4.1
#766 repair results Summary field says "Unhealthy" even though it is healthy after the repair, if it was unhealthy before davidsarah defect major code-frontend-web 1.4.1
#821 A script in a file viewed through the WUI can obtain the file's read cap davidsarah defect major code-frontend-web 1.5.0
#836 use mkdir-with-children or set-children in "tahoe cp [-r]" daira enhancement major code-frontend-cli 1.5.0
#839 Copying directories containing caps from the future davidsarah enhancement major code-frontend-cli 1.5.0
#846 allmydata.test.test_system.SystemTest.test_mutable sometimes hangs on a slow machine zooko defect major code-mutable 1.5.0
#884 give nice error page when URL is mangled or from the future davidsarah defect major code-frontend-web 1.5.0
#885 Ignore space or %20 in webapi URLs davidsarah defect major code-frontend-web 1.5.0
#901 deprecate and remove BASEDIR/private/root_dir.cap davidsarah defect major code-frontend-cli 1.5.0
#922 The URL of the info page for an unknown dirnode should not grant authority to the containing directory davidsarah defect major code-frontend-web 1.5.0
#942 automatically url-unquote caps in CLI and WUI davidsarah defect major code-frontend 1.6.0
#965 CLI commands should follow HTTP redirects lebek defect major code-frontend-cli 1.6.0
#971 "Humanized failures" should still have a traceback, hidden by default davidsarah enhancement major code-frontend-web 1.6.0
#977 backupdb should store which grid it is scoped to davidsarah defect major code-frontend-cli 1.6.0
#1000 add 'Tahoe Explorer' (JavaScript-based UI) to Tahoe davidsarah enhancement major code-frontend-web 1.6.0
#1061 SFTP directory listing doesn't show (or shows wrong mtime and size for) files that have been opened but not yet uploaded davidsarah defect major code-frontend-ftp-sftp 1.6.1
#1071 "No JSON object could be decoded" backtrace on tahoe mv davidsarah defect major code-frontend-cli 1.6.1
#1077 consistent timestamp format and timezone zooko defect major code 1.7β
#1106 review #1037 (SFTP) zooko defect major code 1.7.0
#1173 cancelled downloads are marked incorrectly on the Recent Uploads/Downloads page zooko defect major code-frontend-web 1.8β
#1201 'rm' via sftp+sshfs may hang if previous operations on the file are "stuck" davidsarah defect major code-frontend-ftp-sftp 1.8β
#1209 repair of mutable files/directories should not increment the sequence number davidsarah defect major code-mutable 1.8.0
#1217 useless error message when I use wrong syntax for a path in CLI commands, e.g. "tahoe cp" davidsarah defect major code-frontend-cli 1.8.0
#1229 Memory leak during deep-check francois defect major code 1.8.0
#1234 UnrecoverableFileError message should say which file it refers to davidsarah defect major code-frontend-web 1.8.0
#1254 eliminate use of urllib.urlopen in check_load davidsarah defect major code 1.8.0
#1265 New Visualizer is insufficiently labelled/documented (plus layout problem) zooko defect major code-frontend-web 1.8.0
#1350 SFTP: clients may misparse directory listings with filenames containing unusual characters davidsarah defect major code-frontend-ftp-sftp 1.8.2
#1496 make SFTP frontend handle updates to MDMFs without downloading and uploading the entire file davidsarah defect major code-mutable 1.8.2
#1545 add readv() API to immutable-share storage-server protocol, use in downloader davidsarah enhancement major code-storage 1.9.0a2
#1576 support running tests for an installed version without causing allmydata.test.test_runner.BinTahoe.test_the_right_code to fail davidsarah defect major code 1.9.0b1
#1639 'Return to file/directory' link from file check results gives an error davidsarah defect major code-frontend-web 1.9.0
#1647 errors should include a timestamp and/or request ID so that they can be correlated with server logs davidsarah defect major code-frontend 1.9.0
#1795 Incomplete ServerMap triggers UncoordinatedWriteError upon mutable Publish davidsarah defect major code-mutable 1.9.2
#972 More tests needed for immutable directories davidsarah defect normal code-dirnodes 1.6.0
#1153 need tests for create-{client, node} with default nodedir davidsarah defect normal code-nodeadmin 1.7.1
#1182 clean up and improve asymptotic complexity of Spans and DataSpans zooko defect normal code 1.8β
#1897 CLI: add a way to change an existing alias without directly editing the aliases file daira defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.9.2
#1905 add diagram of current tahoe-lafs protocol davidsarah enhancement normal documentation 1.9.2
#1928 web redirects should use relative URLs davidsarah defect normal code-frontend-web 1.9.2
#1929 express documentation for web-API operations in terms of "rooted paths" marlowe defect normal documentation 1.9.2
#2003 put nickname in <title> daira enhancement normal code-frontend-web 1.10.0
#2095 sftp - unable to recognise password in private/accounts daira defect normal documentation 1.8.3
#677 WebAPI: GET /uri/$FILECAP?t=json doesn't return size for mutable files, but the HTML version does davidsarah defect minor code-frontend-web 1.3.0
#1052 "tahoe backup": report EnvironmentError more precisely davidsarah defect minor code-frontend-cli 1.6.1
#1148 scripts/ is not tested directly, so can't see coverage davidsarah defect minor code-nodeadmin 1.7.1
#1342 rename tests of packaging and improve them to avoid spurious system-dependent test failures davidsarah enhancement minor packaging 1.8.1
#1516 don't catch and ignore EnvironmentError when trying to get disk stats davidsarah defect minor code-storage 1.9.0a1
#1782 move docs/proposed to the wiki marlowe enhancement minor documentation 1.9.1
#1840 CLI: don't allow creating single-letter aliases on Windows davidsarah defect minor code-frontend-cli 1.9.2

Status: closed (41 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2907 fix github PR queue task critical code 1.12.1
#3349 latest `cryptography` library breaks tahoe defect critical unknown n/a
#104 does cp -r work as expected? warner task major code-frontend-cli 0.7.0
#145 "make test" tests the installed version of allmydata, not the local sandbox version of allmydata zooko defect major packaging 0.6.1
#355 'tahoe run' should not fail silently warner defect major code-nodeadmin 0.9.0
#470 tahoe 'make' fails at twisted, on leopard (macos 10.5) zooko defect major packaging 1.1.0
#569 need test for advertisement of large share support defect major code-storage 1.2.0
#667 KeyError in mutable download defect major code-mutable 1.3.0
#775 no pycrypto + authorized_keys file should refuse to start with a clear error message about why defect major code-nodeadmin 1.4.1
#881 cancel leases on extra shares in repairer, check-and-add-lease, upload, and publish somebody defect major code 1.5.0
#938 there are insufficient docs for using FUSE marlowe defect major documentation 1.6.0
#1005 twistd plugin permissions problem causes users to think that tahoe-lafs unit tests failed somebody defect major code 1.6.1
#1031 support Win64 with MinGW compiler freestorm defect major dev-infrastructure 1.6.1
#1064 Node._startService failed: got stderr: 'ifconfig: en6: no media types?\n' defect major code-network 1.6.1
#1081 FTP upload silently fails when nodes < happiness davidsarah defect major code-frontend-ftp-sftp 1.7β
#1093 win32 build hell somebody defect major packaging 1.8.0
#1094 automatically generate binary .egg's of pycryptopp for all of our Supported Platforms somebody defect major packaging 1.7.0
#1096 Have a dependency on pyutil somebody defect major packaging 1.7.0
#1111 PyFilesystem backend zooko enhancement major contrib 1.7.0
#1121 test 'tahoe run' defect major code-nodeadmin 1.7.0
#1246 figure out why "FreeStorm Win7-amd64-mingw py2.6" is red on the "test-with-fake-pkg" step zooko defect major packaging 1.8.0
#1987 cloud backend: for a very large upload, the accounting crawler deletes shares before they are leased daira defect major code-storage cloud-branch
#2037 cloud/S3 backend fails to redact ProductToken and UserToken from S3 error messages daira defect major unknown 1.9.0-s3branch
#2237 cloud backend: prepare branch for LeastAuthority daira defect major packaging cloud-branch
#2253 fix legal/governance issues preventing merge of truckee leif enhancement major unknown 1.10.0
#2406 complete OTF Magic Folder Objective 2 daira task major code-frontend-magic-folder 1.10.0
#3322 regression: /uri/<dircap>/ should behave the same as /uri/<dircap> defect major code-frontend-web n/a
#1165 runner tests should be executed first davidsarah enhancement normal code 1.8β
#1248 move logic for build steps from buildmaster config to misc/build_helpers warner defect normal dev-infrastructure 1.8.0
#1307 support HTTP OPTIONS requests davidsarah defect normal code-frontend-web 1.8.1
#1567 S3 backend: restore s3.max_space option defect normal code-storage 1.9.0b1
#1680 Unhandled error in tahoe restart when PID file contains non-numeric value davidsarah defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.9.1
#1741 consider suppressing all DeprecationWarnings (and maybe RuntimeWarnings and UserWarnings?) davidsarah defect normal code 1.9.1
#1789 update performance.rst to describe MDMF performance marlowe defect normal documentation 1.9.2
#1790 S3 backend: NotImplementedErrors in logs for lease methods defect normal code-storage 1.9.0-s3branch
#1808 error message gets downloaded instead of rendered by Konqueror zooko defect normal code-frontend-web 1.9.2
#1825 make the "tahoe unlink" output explain the difference between unlink and rm Lcstyle enhancement normal code-frontend-cli 1.9.2
#1852 test suite: find a way to prevent unclean reactor errors causing subsequent test failures daira defect normal code 1.9.2
#1927 cloud backend spams twistd.log with two entries for each HTTP connection daira defect normal code-storage cloud-branch
#1940 trac is rendering git diffs (in attachments) badly? defect normal dev-infrastructure n/a
#1941 when an upload or check fails, link to a full explanation of what happened daira defect normal code-network 1.9.2
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