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#1755 2-phase commit 2pc mutable reliability consistency new daira enhancement normal
#2214 DOS defect concerning forged shares DOS security verify tahoe-check new daira defect major
#2045 Make the paths of the different folders configurable FHS unix daemon twistd multiuser-gateway new leif enhancement normal
#2238 add simpler documentation for a single server use-case LeastAuthority docs assigned daira enhancement normal
#2349 TypeError: AES.__init__() argument 1 must be string or read-only character buffer, not None TypeError mutable mapupdate new defect major
#2257 issues on Ubuntu with the installation command used in the Linux howto video at 0:08 Ubuntu how to video docs packaging new JGillispie defect normal
#1706 The "Report!" button in the "Report an Incident" form field redirects to a misleading/incomplete message WUI incident gatherer UX UI report new zancas defect normal
#666 Accounting: limit storage space used by different parties accounting new davidsarah task major
#2084 Commercial grids need an ability to disallow downloads without deleting data accounting revocation new daira enhancement normal
#468 design+build the Usage/Aggregator service accounting wui new enhancement major
#2916 grid-manager accounting, grid-manager new itamarst enhancement normal
#1434 DYHB requests misrendered in download visualization aesthetics usability transparency download wui statistics performance unfinished-business new warner defect major
#2100 passphrase-encrypt the aliases file aliases security capleak usability new daira enhancement normal
#1840 CLI: don't allow creating single-letter aliases on Windows aliases windows cli usability docs easy assigned davidsarah defect minor
#2828 address remaining anonymity-violating linkages anonymity new defect normal
#2335 clients shouldn't need to have persistent id anonymity privacy accounting foolscap new enhancement normal
#2837 create-node --listen=tor hangs with tor- anonymity tor new defect normal
#2358 Allow storage nodes to publish an arbitrary text description anti-censorship location new enhancement normal
#2401 authentication via proxy breaks "tahoe backup" authentication wui webapi http websec new defect normal
#1490 A script for autogenerating local grids. automation grid setup new zancas enhancement normal
#782 connection lost during "tahoe backup" availability new andrej defect major
#1367 tolerance for broken TCP connections due to incorrect/restrictive firewalls availability firewall reliability new defect major
#521 disconnect unresponsive servers (using foolscap's disconnectTimeout) availability foolscap anti-censorship new warner defect major
#547 mapupdate(MODE_WRITE) triggers on a false boundary availability mutable mapupdate ucwe new defect major
#467 allow the user to specify which servers a given gateway will use for uploads availability preservation cache anti-censorship placement backend rollback add-only new leif enhancement major
#893 UCWE when mapupdate gives up too early, then server errors require replacement servers availability preservation upload repair ucwe new defect critical
#2425 Unreliable (including malicious) storage nodes availability reliability anti-censorship new daira enhancement normal
#2364 Clients in onion grid busy-wait if a storage node is unreachable availability reliability anti-censorship tor-protocol anonymity new defect major
#549 MODE_WRITE mapupdate: maybe increase epsilon to handle large batches of new servers better availability upload easy mutable ucwe test-needed assigned bazuka defect major
#546 mutable-file surprise shares raise inappropriate UCWE availability upload ucwe new defect normal
#540 inappropriate "uncoordinated write error" after handling a server failure availability upload ucwe test-needed new kevan defect normal
#3878 Potential denial of service attack by rogue servers availability, security new defect normal
#375 include "retry backoff limit" in introducer announcements? backoff new enhancement minor
#2244 Would like to have tahoe backup --include backup new daira enhancement normal
#635 'tahoe make-tarball' command backup metadata symlink usability security new enhancement major
#1018 backup manager task (inside the node) backup performance usability new enhancement major
#1588 I want to trigger backups through the WUI. backup wui usability new enhancement major
#2258 Tahoe-lafs How-to Linux Video Comments - Put vs backup backup, video, how to new JGillispie defect normal
#658 "tahoe cp" should avoid full upload/download when the destination already exists (using backupdb and/or plaintext hashes) backupdb tahoe-cp usability newcaps performance new enhancement major
#541 remove foolscap 'reference'-token bug workaround in mutable publish backward-compatibility foolscap new defect major
#925 Information leak to holders of a directory read cap, about whether each dir entry is writeable and the length of its write cap backward-compatibility privacy security assigned daira defect normal
#446 shrink UEB: derive more fields from version+filesize backward-compatibility space-efficiency upload ueb new enhancement minor
#793 using removable disk as a storage backend bandwidth performance migration placement preservation storage removable backend sneakernet new enhancement major
#1107 "sneakernet" servers bandwidth performance migration preservation storage backend sneakernet new enhancement major
#224 bandwidth throttling bandwidth throttling network new enhancement major
#1244 make sure we have binaries of zfec for all supported platforms and versions of Python binaries new nobody defect major
#1408 accounting using bitcoins bitcoin accounting performance leases security new somebody defect normal
#2108 uploader should keep trying other servers if its initially-chosen servers fail during the "scan" phase brians-opinion-needed regression upload servers-of-happiness new daira defect normal
#316 add caching to tahoe proper? cache performance fuse smb preservation new somebody enhancement major
#907 Stop caps from leaking to phishing-filter servers capleak integrity confidentiality forward-compatibility newurls docs websec assigned davidsarah defect minor
#922 The URL of the info page for an unknown dirnode should not grant authority to the containing directory capleak integrity confidentiality newurls assigned davidsarah defect major
#2311 build error Undefined PLT symbol "___tls_get_addr" (symnum = 156) cffi cryptography-lib build new defect normal
#640 Cli fs operations refactoring cleanup new enhancement major
#918 Abstraction violations in web/ cleanup assigned davidsarah defect minor
#1342 rename tests of packaging and improve them to avoid spurious system-dependent test failures cleanup assigned davidsarah enhancement minor
#1501 too many source files called,, etc. cleanup new somebody defect minor
#2372 add precondition_type convenience function cleanup new daira enhancement minor
#2377 replace 'cond and one or tother' idiom with 'one if cond or tother' cleanup new daira defect normal
#1917 cleanup: be consistent about importing StringIO cleanup StringIO new davidsarah defect minor
#215 maybe remove "string containing slash-separated names" APIs cleanup backward-compatibility new somebody enhancement minor
#1517 don't use IndexError to signal lease not found cleanup leases new defect minor
#2463 eliminate duplication between test classes Update and Version in test_mutable cleanup mutable tests assigned daira defect minor
#2704 remove _lsLine from cleanup sftp new daira defect normal
#2047 refactor *Source classes in to have a basename() method rather than passing around (name, source) pairs cleanup tahoe-cp assigned daira defect normal
#1336 improve the mechanism that causes test nodes to exit even if not successfully stopped cleanup test assigned daira defect major
#1930 should ?t=rename be deprecated in favour of ?t=move ? cleanup web rename move new defect normal
#2268 on Unix, if filesystem and/or I/O encodings are ASCII, ignore that and use UTF-8 instead cli error unicode utf-8 unix easy assigned daira enhancement normal
#1897 CLI: add a way to change an existing alias without directly editing the aliases file cli tahoe-add-alias usability assigned daira defect normal
#1376 make user-oriented error message for absence of node.url cli usability tahoe-* doc error new defect major
#2507 consider whether to use @inlineCallbacks (in tests or more generally) coding-standards inlineCallbacks twisted docs assigned daira task normal
#789 Support Accept-Encoding: compress, gzip in the WAPI compression json performance bandwidth new enhancement minor
#1354 compression (e.g. to efficiently store sparse files) compression space-efficiency performance new enhancement major
#994 support precompressed files compression space-efficiency performance bandwidth security integrity backward-compatibility new somebody enhancement major
#1164 use ChaCha⊕AES encryption confidentiality new somebody enhancement major
#1176 webapi should avoid using plaintext temporary file for uploads confidentiality new defect major
#127 Cap URLs leaked via HTTP Referer header confidentiality integrity preservation capleak research websec assigned davidsarah defect major
#625 Can't repair read-only dirnodes/mutable-files confidentiality integrity preservation verify repair newcaps tahoe-backup usability anti-censorship excess-authority assigned warner defect major
#847 create internal VerifierNode/RepairerNode classes confidentiality integrity verify repair new somebody task major
#2018 padding to hide the size of plaintexts confidentiality privacy compression newcaps research new nejucomo enhancement normal
#568 make immutable check/verify/repair and mutable check/verify work given only a verify cap confidentiality verify repair usability tahoe-check wui anti-censorship excess-authority new daira defect major
#997 The webapi/WUI should have https enabled by default confidentiality wui webapi capleak new nobody defect major
#980 handle SIGHUP by reloading your config file config signals unix new warner defect major
#1548 separate configuration from instantiation of Client instance configuration cleanup new zooko enhancement normal
#901 deprecate and remove BASEDIR/private/root_dir.cap configuration cruft aliases assigned davidsarah defect major
#1884 mention symlinking the shares directory in configuration.rst configuration docs symlink storage assigned marlowe defect normal
#198 count TODOs, display per file coverage new warner enhancement minor
#2297 improve precision of coverage reports by including coverage by subprocesses coverage subprocess new defect normal
#2136 Use Content-Security-Policy to harden the WUI csp wui security xss javascript new daira defect normal
#462 PUT should elicit 100 Continue curl hang reliability http standards new defect major
#818 Output of tahoe deep-check --repair is hard to skim deep-check easy repair usability new enhancement minor
#1082 default servers-of-happiness=7 prevents single-server use case from working "out of the box" defaults docs unfinished-business servers-of-happiness upload zookos-opinion-needed warners-opinion-needed new somebody defect major
#1368 make the added convergence secret be a per-file configuration defaults usability confidentiality convergence new nobody defect major
#2822 remove redundant read from web GET of directory dirnode cache performance tahoe-cp new defect normal
#383 large directories take a long time to modify dirnode performance newcaps new enhancement major
#204 "virtual CDs" dirnodes newcaps performance random-access space-efficiency tahoe-backup new enhancement major
#1448 Storage node discovery via avahi discovery introduction avahi bonjour mesh foolscap new alexs enhancement major
#2002 add tahoe df command disk free space new enhancement normal
#1169 update documentation for the download status page doc immutable download wui usability easy new warner defect major
#2012 Translate accounting-overview.txt to rst format. docs accounting leases new marlowe defect minor
#1715 change all docs and generated URLs to point to "/cap" instead of "/uri" docs cruft backward-compatibility assigned davidsarah defect normal
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