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#2267 exceptions.AttributeError: 'CHKUploadHelper' object has no attribute '_reader' new normal undecided code-network
#2274 possible error with cp and spaces in directory names new daira normal undecided code-frontend-cli
#2275 400 Bad Request on 0 empty path components assigned daira normal soon code-frontend-cli
#2276 restore from root folder fails on Archive subfolder new normal undecided code-frontend-cli
#2285 multi backup error new daira normal undecided unknown
#2294 investigate using Conda for packaging new normal undecided packaging
#2297 improve precision of coverage reports by including coverage by subprocesses new normal undecided code
#2300 missing git tags causes tests to fail new normal soon packaging
#2302 update the Content-Disposition and filename stuff for modern standards and practice new normal soon code-frontend-web
#2307 make user-oriented error message for malformed furls new normal undecided code-nodeadmin
#2311 build error Undefined PLT symbol "___tls_get_addr" (symnum = 156) new normal undecided packaging
#2314 automate cross-linking between github pull requests and trac issue tickets. new normal soon dev-infrastructure
#2319 improve Tor usage documentation new normal undecided unknown
#2324 copy of introducer furl, aliases to new computer, error with alias but not alias's value new jgillisp normal undecided code-frontend-cli
#2325 maybe stop using tac files to indicate node type? new warner normal eventually code-nodeadmin
#2327 testing numpy 1.9.0 against misc/operation_helpers/provisioning/ new normal undecided unknown
#2331 don't display capabilities without user explicitly asking for it assigned daira normal undecided code-frontend-cli
#2332 ls -l doesn't show size of mutable files when listing directories new normal undecided code-frontend-cli
#2334 one slow server slows down all uploads that attempt to use it assigned daira normal undecided code-network
#2338 tahoe backup exits nonzero if there are any symlinks assigned daira normal undecided code-frontend-cli
#2342 Too many open files new normal undecided code
#2343 replace non-Eliot logging with Eliot logging new normal undecided code
#2352 dead code/bug in error-handling in mutable.layout.MDMFSlotWriteProxy._write new normal undecided unknown
#2359 add integration tests for SFTP public key auth new daira normal soon code-frontend-ftp-sftp
#2363 Create a Windows automated packaging test which exercises building, installing ``exe`` file. assigned daira normal soon packaging
#2375 make tests work under a non-ASCII path assigned daira normal soon code
#2377 replace 'cond and one or tother' idiom with 'one if cond or tother' new daira normal undecided code
#2386 updating unhealthy MDMF files: likely problem new normal undecided code-mutable
#2401 authentication via proxy breaks "tahoe backup" new normal soon code-frontend-web
#2403 directories not created using helper new normal undecided code-mutable
#2410 tahoe create-alias issue new dipen normal undecided unknown
#2411 check whether SFTP frontend correctly handles creating a directory that already exists new daira normal soon code-frontend-ftp-sftp
#2421 connect tahoe-lafs repo to Docker Hub new warner normal undecided dev-infrastructure
#2432 consistently use self.mktemp() to create a temporary directory in tests new daira normal soon code
#2472 encrypted cloud database new daira normal undecided unknown
#2532 storage server running 1.10.2 shows 2^64 bytes available to clients new normal undecided code-frontend-web
#2547 it is too confusing that --basedir works for some commands and not others new normal undecided code-frontend-cli
#2555 publish-and-subscribe to change events on mutables new daira normal undecided code-mutable
#2581 Mounting SSH does no longer work with latest 1.10.2 release, worked with 1.10.0 - regression? new daira normal undecided code-frontend-ftp-sftp
#2590 GET /operations/$HANDLE?output=json is not JSON new normal undecided code-frontend-web
#2704 remove _lsLine from new daira normal undecided code-frontend-ftp-sftp
#2716 Exception on WUI new normal undecided code-frontend-web
#2718 Trac ticket update caught as spam by gmail new daira normal undecided dev-infrastructure
#2719 TWN55 caught as spam by gmail new daira normal undecided dev-infrastructure
#2720 format_http_error leaks the URI new daira normal undecided code-frontend-web
#2724 use humanize library new daira normal undecided code-frontend-web
#2733 excessively verbose warning about IrrationalVersionError reopened daira normal soon packaging
#2772 Gmail Classifying TWN Emails as Spam new normal undecided operational
#2790 Magic-Folder: refactor uploader tests new meejah normal undecided unknown
#2791 Tahoe CLI / SSL certificate new normal undecided code-frontend-cli
#2793 Magic-Folder: pause uploader/downloader when enough servers go away new normal undecided unknown
#2822 remove redundant read from web GET of directory new normal undecided code-frontend-web
#2823 "tahoe cp FILE ALIAS:" does unnecessary directory reads new normal undecided code-frontend-cli
#2828 address remaining anonymity-violating linkages new normal undecided code-network
#2832 Unsigned entries in an announcement cause later entries to be ignored new normal undecided code-network
#2837 create-node --listen=tor hangs with tor- new normal undecided code-network
#2844 readiness status API for clients new normal undecided unknown
#2850 ugly (temporary) error message when connecting to new onion server new normal soon code-frontend-web
#2851 --listen=tor failure leaves partial directory in place new normal undecided code-nodeadmin
#2853 Sort out version reporting on Docker new normal undecided unknown
#2855 Last complete cycle not updating new normal undecided unknown
#2864 welcome page can't display when introducer connection has problems new normal soon code-frontend-web
#2867 make the connect timeout configurable for production use-cases new normal undecided unknown
#2869 accounting: use twisted.enterprise.adbapi instead of blocking sqlite new normal undecided unknown
#2870 async initialization of Client new normal undecided unknown
#2871 test_create_long_path fails ... when ... the ... path ... is ... long ... new normal undecided unknown
#2874 early reporting of errors to users on the CLI new normal undecided unknown
#2875 Multiples storage servers can be registered with the same FURL (UncoordinatedWriteError on I2P grid) new normal undecided code-network
#2890 Directory name and file name should be available in json response data new normal undecided unknown
#2891 fix intermittent test coverage new normal undecided code
#2896 intermittent allmydata.test.test_introducer.NonV1Server.test_failure failure new normal undecided code
#2900 Get rid of "tempfile" monkey-patch new normal undecided unknown
#2902 double _got_introducer if main_tab isn't started before IntroducerClient added new normal undecided unknown
#2905 fail harder if we can't write announcement-seqnum new normal undecided code-storage
#2914 test_magic_folder timeout on windows new normal soon code
#2918 `tahoe backup` crashes when an upload operation fails new normal undecided code-frontend-cli
#2927 nondeterministic failure of allmydata.test.test_introducer.SystemTest.test_system on Windows: Address already in use new normal undecided code
#2930 "AUTO" Tub location detection/assignment is silently broken when system tools are missing new normal undecided unknown
#2937 check --repair crashes on LIT objects. new normal undecided unknown
#2947 "tahoe ls" returns incorrect data. new normal undecided code-frontend-cli
#2949 refactor: storage-broker should be given a client, also no circular ref new normal undecided code
#2953 Update status API new normal undecided unknown
#2994 Sometimes the test suite times out on CircleCI new normal undecided unknown
#3022 Servers of happiness share placement distributes storage load unevenly in small grids new normal undecided unknown
#3039 allmydata.test.test_magic_folder.RealTestAliceBob.test_alice_bob sometimes fails on macOS with `Pending: set([u'file3'])` new normal undecided unknown
#3041 Testing of websocket logs new normal undecided code-frontend-web
#3138 Run the test suite with some concurrency on CircleCI new exarkun normal undecided dev-infrastructure
#3228 very old d3, jquery new normal undecided unknown
#3230 Consider switching from AES CTR to AES XTS new normal undecided code
#3237 Integration tests should not use sleep new normal eventually code
#3249 Hard-coded ports in integration tests new normal undecided unknown
#3253 refactor and consolidate "Fake" classes new normal soon code
#3258 The interface for the client-side storage plugin web resource has a one-to-many conflict assigned exarkun normal storage economics plugins unknown
#3269 Track active_writers without depending on GC/refcounting new normal soon code-storage
#3301 allmydata.test.test_system.Connections.test_rref can fail with "Address already in use." new normal undecided unknown
#3310 immutable.downloader.status.DownloadStatus.get_results() is not implemented new sajith normal eventually unknown
#3319 Add tests for web UI directory operations new sajith normal undecided unknown
#3347 Tor integration tests fail on Windows assigned sajith normal undecided dev-infrastructure
#3350 Tahoe should pin its dependencies new daira normal soon packaging
#3360 test_daemonize does not explode if code is completely broken new normal undecided unknown
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