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#214 makefiles which require GNU make should be named "GNUmakefile" warner defect trivial eventually packaging
#219 permissions on files containing secrets zooko defect major 0.7.0 code-nodeadmin
#221 give proper filenames on download warner defect major 1.1.0 code-frontend-web
#222 webapi should allow save-to-disk warner defect major 0.7.0 code-frontend-web
#223 unit test failure on Windows zooko defect major 0.7.0 code-frontend-web
#227 our automated memory measurements might be measuring the wrong thing zooko defect major eventually dev-infrastructure
#229 setuptools fails to be satisfied with already installed Nevow and tries to install a new one zooko defect major 1.3.0 packaging
#231 "overwrite" button is broken zooko defect major 0.7.0 code-frontend-web
#233 creation and management of "root" directories -- directories without parents zooko defect major 0.7.0 code-peerselection
#237 webish directory page can't display more than 192 children warner defect major 0.8.0 (Allmydata 3.0 Beta) code-frontend-web
#239 document new logging system warner defect major 1.3.0 code-nodeadmin
#240 shares not uploaded to a server? zooko defect major eventually code
#241 v0.7.0 documentation zooko defect major 0.7.0 documentation
#245 fix make clean zooko defect major 0.7.0 packaging
#246 fix deb builders zooko defect major 0.7.0 packaging
#250 memcheck-64 fails sporadically warner defect major 1.4.1 operational
#253 everything stalls after abrupt disconnect warner defect major eventually code-network
#254 need better user output on UncoordinatedWriteError zooko defect major 0.9.0 (Allmydata 3.0 final) documentation
#255 FUSE integration doesn't have automated tests nejucomo defect major eventually code-frontend
#256 buildbot no longer shows version stamps on waterfall display zooko defect major eventually dev-infrastructure
#257 can't build without darcs installed warner defect major 0.7.0 packaging
#258 noise from skip and todo tests makes it look like the test has failed zooko defect major dev-infrastructure
#262 'bin/tahoe' executable on win32 cgalvan defect major 1.3.0 packaging
#263 setuptools_darcs plugin noise on install zooko defect major packaging
#264 update docs zooko defect major 0.8.0 (Allmydata 3.0 Beta) documentation
#269 client should handle migrated shares by updating the write-enabler defect major eventually code-storage
#272 implement mutable-file recovery: update can't recover from <k new shares warner defect critical 1.1.0 code-mutable
#274 Present a friendly error message for invalid caps, instead of a stack trace. defect major 1.6.0 code-frontend
#278 setuptools vs. swig on debian sid warner defect major 1.1.0 packaging
#282 more detailed and targeted docs about installing from source warner defect major 1.3.0 documentation
#290 pycryptopp appears to have problems with amd64 linux systems (or gcc 4.1.3). nobody defect major eventually unknown
#291 building mac .app - fails with unknown load command %d zooko defect major 1.5.0 packaging
#297 In How To Install Doc "twisted" sumo doesn't make clear to the naive user what "kind" of twisted to get. somebody defect trivial eventually website
#300 macfuse: need some sort of caching robk defect major eventually code-frontend
#312 mutable file: survive encoding variations warner defect major 0.9.0 (Allmydata 3.0 final) code-encoding
#315 tahoe restart barfs on non-node directories warner defect minor 1.4.1 code-nodeadmin
#319 debugging trac -- is this ticket renderable? defect major eventually code-frontend
#321 poor performance with large number of files via windows FUSE? booker defect major 0.9.0 (Allmydata 3.0 final) code-frontend
#326 use consistent time stamps in logging zooko defect major 1.5.0 code-nodeadmin
#328 update mutable file API: overwrite vs replace, expose verinfo? defect major 1.1.0 code-mutable
#330 stats gatherers need to be managed as nodes warner defect major 1.3.0 operational
#331 add DSA to pycryptopp - serialize pubkeys with less fluff zooko defect critical eventually code-mutable
#332 K=1 for mutable files warner defect major undecided code-mutable
#334 pycryptopp: some features require more careful linking than Ubuntu Gutsy default build provides zooko defect major eventually code
#335 OSError when trying to access http://localhost:8123/provisioning/ nobody defect major 0.9.0 (Allmydata 3.0 final) unknown
#343 introducer remembers multiple announcements of the same server defect minor 1.1.0 code-network
#345 document write coordination warner defect major 1.1.0 unknown
#347 reduce write-collision clobbering: use 'eq' instead of 'le' in test+set defect major 1.1.0 code-mutable
#349 Find a middle ground on access to the Build button zandr defect minor undecided dev-infrastructure
#350 have xfer-client return an error code if it doesn't succeed warner defect major undecided dev-infrastructure
#351 trigger deb builders on darcs tags somebody defect major eventually dev-infrastructure
#352 check-deps doesn't tell you about Crypto++ somebody defect major eventually packaging
#353 deb-gutsy fails in install_scripts, usr/bin not created somebody defect major eventually packaging
#354 rendering failure in RetrieveStatusPage._get_rate defect minor 1.1.0 code-frontend-web
#355 'tahoe run' should not fail silently warner defect major soon code-nodeadmin
#356 make test-figleaf doesn't work on Mac OS X zooko defect major eventually dev-infrastructure
#358 WUI can make an <a href> tag with no contents defect minor 1.6.0 code-frontend-web
#360 make check-deps "appears" to fail somebody defect major eventually packaging
#361 make nickname more prominent on wui nobody defect major 1.1.0 unknown
#365 added secret to protect convergent encryption from confirmation-of-a-file and learn-partial-information attacks zooko defect critical 1.0.0 code-encoding
#367 include SI's of files in logs? warner defect major 1.0.0 code-nodeadmin
#368 munin pages on .org have broken links to dev pages somebody defect minor undecided website
#369 has 600 permissions warner defect major 1.1.0 operational
#370 add webapi for quota-usage measurement warner defect major 1.1.0 code-frontend-web
#373 Access permissions of files in source tarball too strict warner defect minor 1.3.0 packaging
#374 reconnecting to one server should trigger reconnection attempts to all defect critical 1.1.0 code-network
#376 locale-bug in the SMB (WinFUSE) frontend defect major eventually code-frontend
#379 very large memory usage when adding to large directories somebody defect critical 1.1.0 code-dirnodes
#380 webapi: remove 'mkdir-p' API since it logs pathnames warner defect major 1.9.2 code-frontend-web
#381 web set_children needs to be documented zooko defect major 1.6.0 code-frontend-web
#382 debian packages aren't installable: need setuptools somebody defect critical 1.1.0 packaging
#385 webapi download with ?filename= should not log filename davidsarah defect major 1.10.1 code-frontend-web
#387 figleaf confused by python2.5 somebody defect minor 1.7.0 code
#388 Debian changelog is not up to date esteve defect minor eventually packaging
#399 upload a too-large mutable file fails badly warner defect major 1.1.0 code-encoding
#400 wui: "What does the 'check' button on a mutable file do?" defect major 1.2.0 code-frontend-web
#401 command-line: tahoe ls's way of saying "No such file or directory" leaves something to be desired davidsarah defect major undecided code-frontend-cli
#402 bug in Twisted, triggered by pyOpenSSL-0.7 zooko defect critical 1.3.0 operational
#405 better doc for upload helper somebody defect major 1.1.0 documentation
#408 install.html does not list twisted as a dependency. somebody defect minor eventually documentation
#409 "make check-deps" does not detect missing Python.h. somebody defect trivial eventually code
#411 this trac instance doesn't update browser title bar somebody defect minor undecided dev-infrastructure
#412 tahoe -h doesn't do what people expect (--help) defect minor 1.3.0 code-frontend-cli
#415 ext repository zooko defect major 1.1.0 packaging
#419 pycryptopp uses up too much RAM nobody defect minor undecided code-encoding
#420 pycryptopp uses up too much space zooko defect minor eventually unknown
#421 stale doc files warner defect major 1.1.0 documentation
#424 stdeb: push to upstream zooko defect major undecided packaging
#429 zooko defect major eventually dev-infrastructure
#431 CLI: The relationship between aliases and root_dir.cap is confusing. warner defect major 1.1.0 documentation
#434 automate testing of installation cgalvan defect major 1.4.1 packaging
#435 automate testing of large files somebody defect major eventually code
#438 get foolscap to declare its dependency on pyOpenSSL somebody defect major 1.1.0 packaging
#439 don't write corrupt >12GiB files warner defect critical 1.1.0 code-encoding
#440 Nevow doesn't declare its dependency on Twisted in a machine-readable way. zooko defect major 1.3.0 packaging
#441 CLI: "tahoe put $MUTABLE" doesn't work defect major 1.3.0 code-frontend-cli
#442 download: only retrieve minimal hashes, not all of them defect major undecided code-performance
#452 slowdown in _validate_crypttext_hashtree for large files defect minor undecided code-encoding
#455 setuptools sandbox isn't tight enough to hold Twisted's sand in so that it doesn't get in Nevow's eyes zooko defect major 1.3.0 packaging
#457 tahoe ls fails if you list a file robk defect minor eventually code-frontend-cli
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