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avoid "dumb" (diff)
01:07 Ticket #2559 (Magic Folder on Windows: make subdirectories work) created by daira
It appears that the uploader does get notified about the subdirectory …
01:00 Ticket #1431 (Magic Folder on Windows) closed by daira
fixed: This is landed onto the 2438.magic-folder-stable.5 branch; closing …
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code-frontend-drop-upload -> code-frontend-magic-folder (diff)
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magic-folder + drop-upload -> magic-folder (diff)


00:44 Ticket #2028 (Twisted endpoints introduce a dependency on pywin32) reopened by daira
Magic Folder requires Twisted >= 15.2.0, so we can no longer use the …


23:54 Ticket #2247 (document pywin32 dependency) reopened by daira
Reopening because this is the simplest short-term way of dealing with …
23:35 Ticket #2518 (Magic Folder tests: ascii decode error with Twisted 15.0.0) closed by daira
fixed: This is fixed on the 2438.magic-folder-stable.5 branch, by declaring a …
23:27 Ticket #1531 (use ctypes.get_last_error instead of GetLastError to access Windows ...) closed by daira
fixed: This is fixed on the 2438.magic-folder-stable.5 branch. (The remaining …
22:51 Ticket #1711 (Magic Folder: allow the client and parent DMD(s) to be specified by a ...) closed by daira
wontfix: Given that the magic_folder_dircap and collective_dircap files are …
02:47 Ticket #2556 (node creation commands include \\?\ in the output on Windows) created by daira
E.g.: […] They should be using quote_local_unicode_path.


20:30 Ticket #2480 (nondeterministic test hang in ...) closed by daira
cannot reproduce: I haven't seen this recently, and we fixed a bunch of race conditions …
20:26 Ticket #2506 (Magic Folder: enforce that downloaded files are only written below the ...) closed by daira
fixed: This is now tested, in the Alice_tries_to_p0wn_Bob section of …
20:21 Ticket #2513 (Magic Folder: the localdir argument to the 'tahoe magic-folder ...) closed by daira
20:20 Ticket #2420 (Magic Folder: uploader must periodically scan for changes) closed by daira
duplicate: This is not specific to Windows.
18:25 Ticket #2555 (publish-and-subscribe to change events on mutables) created by zooko
Currently if a client wants to keep track of changes being made by …
10:04 Ticket #2554 (Magic-Folder: exclude a file only once) created by dawuud
right now if a file is excluded from being downloaded... we apparently …
01:32 Ticket #2553 (Magic Folder: a client should not read or download from its own DMD ...) created by daira
A Magic Folder client should not read its own DMD, except on the …


17:58 Ticket #2552 (Magic Folder: filter out irrelevant notifications as soon as possible) created by daira
This will reduce noise in the logs, and make it easier to keep mock …
09:04 Ticket #2551 (Magic Folder: implement "Fire Dragons" section of design doc) created by dawuud
Implement remote conflict detection as documented in the "Fire …
08:39 Ticket #2516 (Magic-Folder: downloader must ensure parent directory exists) closed by dawuud
08:36 Ticket #2500 (teach magic-folder unit tests to time travel) closed by dawuud


13:44 Ticket #2533 (magic-folder CLI parsing error) closed by daira
fixed: Also I just smoke-tested it and it appears to work as intended.


23:14 Ticket #2550 ("ImportError: cannot import name flat" when checking import of Nevow ...) created by daira
renat wrote on tahoe-dev: > Hello. Compiled [successfully]. But can't …


18:04 Ticket #2547 (it is too confusing that --basedir works for some commands and not others) created by daira
-d/--node-directory works for all commands, and for "stub" node …
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