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#1597 make 'tahoe cp' support the same '--exclude' options as 'tahoe backup' tahoe-cp usability new enhancement normal
#1629 auto-configuration of tub.location for nodes running on EC2 usability config aws ec2 new enhancement normal
#1645 UnrecoverableFileError HTML message should include a link to check the file usability wui error new enhancement normal
#1709 order nodes by nickname instead of peerid on the welcome page wui welcome usability new enhancement normal
#1719 Improve google search results for phrases like "tahoe file storage" transparency usability new defect normal
#1723 tahoe backup --help (for example) implies that you have to use aliases usability backup cli docs new zancas defect normal
#1726 new visualizer needs labels with units usability doc download visualizer new warner defect normal
#1727 New Visualizer has layout bug where serverids and other things scribble over each other usability wui download docs visualizer aesthetics new warner defect normal
#1728 add link to docs/frontends/download-status.rst from the download status page download usability docs wui easy assigned Lcstyle enhancement normal
#1750 times are rounded too coarsely in results pages usability performance stats new defect normal
#1763 NoServersError raised to user usability cli error new defect normal
#1796 refuse to upload/download a mutable file if it cannot be done in the available memory mutable large usability error new defect normal
#1799 Document how to distinguish exceptions from JSON, or encode exceptions as JSON json usability docs new defect normal
#1821 show full, explorable details about check and repair operations usability transparency ostrom statistics repair new enhancement normal
#1843 add `tahoe create-server`, define `create-node` to mean client+server usability p2p assigned warner enhancement normal
#1846 add "started" timestamp on the current operations on Recent Uploads and Downloads usability easy new defect normal
#1850 Design new caps to be resilient against human transcription errors. newurls usability standards uri new davidsarah defect normal
#1856 add a command-line command for "generate an incident report" easy usability incident cli tahoe-debug new enhancement normal
#1871 provide interface to query lease storage information transparency accounting operations storage usability leases assigned davidsarah enhancement normal
#1872 provide interface to purge user data transparency accounting operations storage usability new davidsarah enhancement normal
#1873 add a show-caps command tahoe-ls usability new igor enhancement normal
#1879 Glossary document glossary docs usability terminology assigned marlowe enhancement normal
#1883 design a user survey usability survey new defect normal
#1894 add --interactive and --no-clobber options to 'tahoe cp' interactive no-clobber usability tahoe-cp new defect normal
#1897 CLI: add a way to change an existing alias without directly editing the aliases file cli tahoe-add-alias usability assigned daira defect normal
#1898 deep check on a non-directory gives unhelpful "400 Bad Request" error usability error tahoe-deep-check verify assigned davidsarah defect normal
#1902 WUI: "Download a file" should error on directory usability wui assigned Lcstyle defect normal
#1903 deprecate one of the synonyms "/file/" and "/named/" from the WAPI usability wui wapi docs forward-compatibility reopened zooko enhancement normal
#1912 show miniature live view of recent activity right on the front page transparency usability new drewp enhancement normal
#1913 unlink many children from a directory at once usability tahoe-unlink new enhancement normal
#1914 tahoe check reports incorrect encoding tahoe-check verify mutable usability new defect normal
#1931 WUI: niggles in the new Welcome page welcome wui aesthetics usability unfinished-business new daira defect normal
#1936 the tahoe-lafs logging system is hard to discover usability transparency logging new defect normal
#1943 storage servers should report if the filesystem containing shares has been unmounted usability removable-disk new defect normal
#1952 rename "tahoe backup" to "tahoe snapshot" tahoe-backup usability docs new enhancement normal
#1965 FTP/SFTP: report malformed cap at login instead of use-time ftpd sftp usability error new enhancement normal
#1967 make new WUI work on phone wui aesthetics usability phone new defect normal
#1999 confusing error message when (S)FTP accounts file has malformed URL usability error new defect normal
#2003 put nickname in <title> wui usability assigned daira enhancement normal
#2010 Implement shortcuts to caps usability newurls introducer security aliases new enhancement normal
#2019 Add disclaimer that "Tahoe-LAFS is unrelated to Tahoe Data Manager" and petition TDM publisher to add similar disclaimer. website, usability, branding new daira defect normal
#2035 "tahoe backup" on the same immutable content when some shares are missing does not repair that content. usability preservation reliability servers-of-happiness repair tahoe-backup performance new defect normal
#2036 accept trailing slashes on directory cap URIs usability cli wui new defect normal
#2046 Add tahoe cp --children-of option tahoe-cp usability new defect normal
#2070 WUI: what's the difference between "Immutable" and "SDMF"? wui usability doc mutable upload new defect normal
#2080 remove the "experimental" flag on MDMF in the WUI and make it the default wui usability doc directories mdmf forward-compatibility easy brians-opinion-needed new warner enhancement normal
#2081 bad error message when you give a readonly dircap as target to "tahoe cp" usability error test-needed new defect normal
#2082 it says "option --node-dir not a unique prefix", but it is! usability error cli twisted new defect normal
#2088 create-node error when ~/.tahoe already exists usability new-user easy error new warner defect normal
#2095 sftp - unable to recognise password in private/accounts new-user docs sftp config usability assigned daira defect normal
#2096 tahoe backup says "WARNING: cannot backup special file" when a file has been moved while it is running tahoe-backup error usability new defect normal
#2100 passphrase-encrypt the aliases file aliases security capleak usability new daira enhancement normal
#2109 tahoe deep-check raises MustForceRepairError tahoe-check tahoe-deep-check repair usability error new defect normal
#2146 --autostart tahoe-start usability error quiet git-annex new defect normal
#2147 web.port can conflict usability cli git-annex port assigned daira defect normal
#2148 --quiet isn't usability quiet easy git-annex new daira defect normal
#2152 have the introducer advertise the external IP it sees for a node to other nodes introducer introduction usability config tub.location firewall iputil new defect normal
#2198 make exception tracebacks easier to grok usability error new enhancement normal
#2203 "UnrecoverableFileError(no recoverable versions)" is a poor-quality error report usability error mutable transparency new defect normal
#2205 "--help" text confuses dircaps with aliases usability cli tahoe-stats new CyberAxe defect normal
#2213 Make SFTP generate its own key sftp ssh-keygen usability security new enhancement normal
#2275 400 Bad Request on 0 empty path components usability new-user error assigned daira defect normal
#2324 copy of introducer furl, aliases to new computer, error with alias but not alias's value usability new-user error new jgillisp defect normal
#2332 ls -l doesn't show size of mutable files when listing directories preformance usability tahoe-ls new defect normal
#2345 Increase Public Awareness of Tahoe-LAFS usability docs new nobody task normal
#2410 tahoe create-alias issue usability new dipen defect normal
#2448 `tahoe ls $THING $OTHERTHING` doesn't work tahoe-ls easy usability assigned jbaeth enhancement normal
#2547 it is too confusing that --basedir works for some commands and not others usability error cli new defect normal
#2729 Add binary builds to's buildbot/download page usability windows mac new cypher enhancement normal
#2952 Runtime reconfiguration usability magic-folder new enhancement normal
#72 Automatic detection of configuration changes. usability new enhancement minor
#92 add upload-status page: progress and to-whom info web upload usability reliability transparency new warner enhancement minor
#107 command-line: progress indicators tahoe-cp tahoe-check usability assigned zooko enhancement minor
#112 command-line: give it default values for the final element of the pathname usability cli assigned zooko enhancement minor
#114 command-line: multiple files at once tahoe-cp usability assigned zooko enhancement minor
#386 upload status page should show nicknames status usability ostrom new akp enhancement minor
#524 upgrade notification usability upgrade privacy new enhancement minor
#525 include platform of each remote peer in the welcome page's known-servers table wui usability transparency welcomepage reopened enhancement minor
#649 Validation of configuration settings usability new enhancement minor
#813 string exception raised to web renderer? usability error new somebody defect minor
#816 Add ping-all-servers button to welcome page usability transparency ostrom statistics notifyOnDisconnect new enhancement minor
#818 Output of tahoe deep-check --repair is hard to skim deep-check easy repair usability new enhancement minor
#895 add "tahoe flogtool SUBCOMMAND" logging usability new enhancement minor
#903 webapi t=mkdir-with-children and mkdir-immutable: behavior when directory already exists? usability docs new defect minor
#904 tahoe ls -l: show "i"/"m" instead of useless "x" usability new enhancement minor
#920 mkdir-immutable probably shouldn't implicitly create (mutable) intermediate directories docs usability new defect minor
#964 show sizes in unambiguous way that doesn't get mistaken for different units usability assigned zooko defect minor
#970 webapi PUT via multiple nodes can cause directory corruption but does not report UncoordinatedWriteError error usability ucwe docs new nobody defect minor
#1032 Display active HTTP upload operations on the status page usability upload transparency new nobody enhancement minor
#1052 "tahoe backup": report EnvironmentError more precisely error tahoe-backup usability easy assigned davidsarah defect minor
#1078 timestamps: localizable format and timezone i18n time usability welcome directory-page wui new somebody defect minor
#1091 give clearer names to the "create a directory" buttons easy usability assigned Lcstyle enhancement minor
#1092 shares.happy is the wrong name of the measure usability upload servers-of-happiness unfinished-business new warner defect minor
#1101 some CLI commands accept "--verbose", other don't usability easy new defect minor
#1177 Display directory storage indexes in directory listings usability new enhancement minor
#1178 Use identicons for directory identifiers usability new enhancement minor
#1279 silent failure of bin/tahoe when root partition is out of space? usability error reopened somebody defect minor
#1351 Use extended attributes to expose metadata fuse metadata unix usability new somebody enhancement minor
#1414 tahoe get on DIR2 URIs fails with error message that is too terse usability error new daira defect minor
#1533 CLI: the message displayed when already exists refers to --pidfile and --logfile parameters not supported by 'tahoe' twistd error usability tahoe-start new defect minor
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