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#1393 more detailed breakdown of upload 'Peer Selection' time somebody defect normal code 1.8.2
#1492 introducer status page is ugly defect normal code-frontend-web 1.8.2
#1514 memory usage in MDMF retrieve defect normal code-mutable 1.9.0a1
#1548 separate configuration from instantiation of Client instance zooko enhancement normal code-nodeadmin 1.9.0a2
#1578 test suite fails on Windows if run from directory with a long name daira defect normal code 1.9.0b1
#1645 UnrecoverableFileError HTML message should include a link to check the file enhancement normal code-frontend-web 1.9.0
#1666 test that an upload with no Content-Length (and not chunked) gives HTTP 411 Length Required defect normal code-frontend-web 1.9.1
#1726 new visualizer needs labels with units warner defect normal code-frontend-web 1.9.1
#1727 New Visualizer has layout bug where serverids and other things scribble over each other warner defect normal code-frontend-web 1.9.1
#1755 2-phase commit daira enhancement normal code 1.9.2
#1756 MDMF publisher sends duplicate write vector elements defect normal code-mutable 1.9.1
#1764 tahoe webapi gives HTTP 410 Gone for files that may actually come back ChosenOne defect normal code-frontend-web 1.9.1
#1765 gossip-introducer should forget about old nodes somehow warner enhancement normal code-nodeadmin 1.9.1
#1770 always include a useful message in calls to log.err defect normal code 1.9.1
#1814 UploadUnhappinessError despite no apparent refusal of shares defect normal code-peerselection 1.9.2
#1864 turn off the AUTOINCREMENT feature in our use of sqlite? zooko enhancement normal code-storage 1.9.2
#1870 leasedb: performance regression daira defect normal code-storage 1.9.2
#1873 add a show-caps command igor enhancement normal code-frontend-cli 1.9.2
#1889 allmydata.mutable.common.NotEnoughServersError does not produce a "humanized" failure message defect normal code-frontend-web 1.9.2
#1899 make reported max-mutable-share-size have the same semantics as max-immutable-share-size defect normal code-frontend-web 1.9.2
#1930 should ?t=rename be deprecated in favour of ?t=move ? defect normal code-frontend-web 1.9.2
#1931 WUI: niggles in the new Welcome page daira defect normal code-frontend-web 1.9.2
#1938 make the existence of the Tahoe-LAFS Software Foundation apparent secor enhancement normal website 1.9.2
#1946 consider removing some st_* fields from metadata defect normal code 1.9.2
#1970 trac commit notifications always show the branch as /trunk defect normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
#1975 remove the last use of notifyOnDisconnect, in server selection defect normal code-network 1.10.0
#1997 Eventually remove disconnected nodes from Welcome page display daira enhancement normal code-frontend-web 1.10.0
#2026 storage server should file a local corruption report if it discovers a share with a corrupted container defect normal code-storage 1.10.0
#2035 "tahoe backup" on the same immutable content when some shares are missing does not repair that content. defect normal code-encoding 1.10.0
#2045 Make the paths of the different folders configurable leif enhancement normal code-nodeadmin 1.10.0
#2046 Add tahoe cp --children-of option defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#2049 Decide where "packaging tests" should live. nejucomo task normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
#2060 Alter mutable uploads to use upload strategy of happiness markberger enhancement normal code-peerselection 1.10.0
#2080 remove the "experimental" flag on MDMF in the WUI and make it the default warner enhancement normal code-frontend-web 1.10.0
#2082 it says "option --node-dir not a unique prefix", but it is! defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#2088 create-node error when ~/.tahoe already exists warner defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#2097 deprecate FTP in favor of SFTP? daira defect normal code-frontend-ftp-sftp 1.10.0
#2101 improve error messages from failed uploads daira defect normal code-peerselection 1.10.0
#2108 uploader should keep trying other servers if its initially-chosen servers fail during the "scan" phase daira defect normal code-peerselection 1.10.0
#2131 Create Launchpad PPAs for stable and daily builds task normal packaging 1.10.0
#2135 Add --print-uri option to "tahoe backup" to dump resulting backup URI amontero enhancement normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#2140 'Can't synchronize with repository "(default)"' error on projects that still use darcs defect normal dev-infrastructure n/a
#2148 --quiet isn't daira defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#2250 don't re-use metadata from earlier snapshots, in a "tahoe backup" defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#2261 Linux video how to - doesn't show restore/recovery - no info on Aliases daira defect normal documentation 1.10.0
#2300 missing git tags causes tests to fail defect normal packaging 1.10.0
#2302 update the Content-Disposition and filename stuff for modern standards and practice defect normal code-frontend-web 1.10.0
#2314 automate cross-linking between github pull requests and trac issue tickets. defect normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
#2345 Increase Public Awareness of Tahoe-LAFS nobody task normal documentation n/a
#2359 add integration tests for SFTP public key auth daira defect normal code-frontend-ftp-sftp 1.10.0
#2401 authentication via proxy breaks "tahoe backup" defect normal code-frontend-web 1.10.0
#2411 check whether SFTP frontend correctly handles creating a directory that already exists daira defect normal code-frontend-ftp-sftp 1.10.0
#2419 add documentation for use of Tahoe with Docker amontero task normal documentation 1.10.0
#2432 consistently use self.mktemp() to create a temporary directory in tests daira defect normal code 1.10.0
#2478 back up metadata from github (PRs, commit comments, etc.) task normal dev-infrastructure n/a
#2748 move to Versioneer for git-based version-string generation warner task normal packaging 1.10.2
#2764 publish a new (redirecting) `allmydata-tahoe` to PyPI task normal dev-infrastructure 1.11.0
#2850 ugly (temporary) error message when connecting to new onion server defect normal code-frontend-web 1.11.0
#2852 move NEWS.rst into docs/, add to readthedocs build task normal documentation 1.12.0
#2864 welcome page can't display when introducer connection has problems defect normal code-frontend-web 1.12.1
#2914 test_magic_folder timeout on windows defect normal code 1.12.1
#3253 refactor and consolidate "Fake" classes defect normal code 1.13.0
#3269 Track active_writers without depending on GC/refcounting defect normal code-storage n/a
#3275 Improve release process enhancement normal operational n/a
#3317 Provide testing infrastructure for clients meejah enhancement normal unknown n/a
#3350 Tahoe should pin its dependencies daira defect normal packaging 1.14.0
#3400 Cut an incremental release (2020-09) meejah task normal unknown n/a
#3710 "tahoe get" returns HTML defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.15.1
#3750 Improve Developer Onboarding on README fenn-cs enhancement normal documentation n/a
#818 Output of tahoe deep-check --repair is hard to skim enhancement minor code-frontend-cli 1.4.1
#1007 HTTP proxy support for node to node communication davidsarah enhancement minor code-network 1.6.1
#1092 shares.happy is the wrong name of the measure warner defect minor code-nodeadmin 1.7.0
#1461 stop writing small shares in old V1 share format zancas enhancement minor code-storage 1.8.2
#1517 don't use IndexError to signal lease not found defect minor code-storage 1.9.0a1
#1537 fix some Interface violations daira defect minor code 1.9.0a1
#2012 Translate accounting-overview.txt to rst format. marlowe defect minor documentation 1.10.0
#2797 explain two timestamps on WUI server listings defect minor code-frontend-web 1.11.0

Status: reopened (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1171 add regression test for shnums: "e,r,r,o,r" warner defect normal code-frontend-web 1.8β
#1903 deprecate one of the synonyms "/file/" and "/named/" from the WAPI zooko enhancement normal code-frontend-web 1.9.2
#2733 excessively verbose warning about IrrationalVersionError daira defect normal packaging 1.10.2
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