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#149 unable to use pre-installed non-distutils-aware nevow zooko defect critical 1.4.1 packaging
#331 add DSA to pycryptopp - serialize pubkeys with less fluff zooko defect critical eventually code-mutable
#586 save our old performance data somebody task critical soon (release n/a) dev-infrastructure
#13 collect stats on download counts, page hits, etc. secorp task major undecided operational
#27 twistd doesn't daemonize on windows nobody defect major eventually code-nodeadmin
#47 use pyutil as a separate package and contribute src/allmydata/util/* into pyutil zooko enhancement major eventually packaging
#193 pauses during streaming music at a party defect major eventually code-encoding
#209 solaris needs setrlimit code to increase max file descriptors zooko defect major eventually code-network
#216 mutable files: pre-generate public keys in the background enhancement major eventually code-encoding
#227 our automated memory measurements might be measuring the wrong thing zooko defect major eventually dev-infrastructure
#253 everything stalls after abrupt disconnect warner defect major eventually code-network
#254 need better user output on UncoordinatedWriteError zooko defect major 0.9.0 (Allmydata 3.0 final) documentation
#258 noise from skip and todo tests makes it look like the test has failed zooko defect major dev-infrastructure
#260 automatic freshening of version number zooko enhancement major eventually packaging
#269 client should handle migrated shares by updating the write-enabler defect major eventually code-storage
#300 macfuse: need some sort of caching robk defect major eventually code-frontend
#314 DNS tricks to connect clients to their own (local) node enhancement major undecided code-frontend-web
#336 Make production grid metrics visible secorp task major undecided operational
#340 wanted: a Windows buildslave for unstable work zandr task major undecided dev-infrastructure
#376 locale-bug in the SMB (WinFUSE) frontend defect major eventually code-frontend
#404 tahoe plugins: facilitate extensions/applications written in Python somebody enhancement major undecided packaging
#417 refactor buildmaster config to make it easier to manage branches zooko task major 1.5.0 dev-infrastructure
#423 stdeb: use stdeb on tahoe itself zooko enhancement major eventually packaging
#425 set up buildslave for Windows SMB (WinFUSE) frontend ndurner task major eventually packaging
#440 Nevow doesn't declare its dependency on Twisted in a machine-readable way. zooko defect major 1.3.0 packaging
#472 cpu monitor sometimes shows negative numbers defect major undecided code-nodeadmin
#478 add memory-usage to stats-provider numbers enhancement major undecided code-storage
#486 add munin graphs of server-operation latency enhancement major undecided code-storage
#497 we should sign the .debs published through our APT repository somebody task major eventually dev-infrastructure
#511 publish Mac images somewhere somebody task major undecided website
#530 use setuptools's --multi-version mode zooko enhancement major 1.8.1 packaging
#570 buildbot trac integration somebody enhancement major undecided dev-infrastructure
#571 trac cia integration somebody enhancement major undecided dev-infrastructure
#594 test "make mac-exe" somebody defect major undecided dev-infrastructure
#612 build binary packages of pysqlite somebody defect major undecided packaging
#621 Incorporate fuse tests into buildbot flow nejucomo defect major eventually code-frontend
#680 Fix for mutable files with FTP daira defect major 1.15.0 code-frontend-ftp-sftp
#684 let client specify the encryption key warner enhancement major eventually code-encoding
#704 utf-8 decoding fails when certain pyOpenSSL library is used bewst defect major undecided packaging
#743 make fuse support writing enhancement major undecided code-frontend
#783 does it sometimes use 750 MB terrell defect major undecided code
#797 add header to each file pointing to licensing info zooko enhancement major undecided packaging
#810 where did come from? warner defect major 1.7.0 packaging
#831 Employ filesystem correctness tests against fuse interfaces. nejucomo enhancement major undecided contrib
#862 Could a gatewayless architecture improve performance or avoid some webapi security issues? nobody enhancement major undecided unknown
#883 Shallowly read-only caps for directories enhancement major undecided code-encoding
#894 blackmatch fuse doesn't know what to think about immutable directories defect major eventually contrib
#908 Make all test_runner tests work on cygwin davidsarah defect major eventually code
#1002 do some renovations on Memory Lane somebody enhancement major soon (release n/a) website
#1031 support Win64 with MinGW compiler freestorm defect major soon dev-infrastructure
#1036 Run tahoe over ssh somebody enhancement major undecided code
#1081 FTP upload silently fails when nodes < happiness davidsarah defect major soon code-frontend-ftp-sftp
#1086 servers should attempt to open connections to clients enhancement major eventually code-network
#1239 document why package dependencies not auto-satisfied on test-from-prefixdir and test-with-fake-pkg steps zooko defect major undecided code
#1289 investigate whether Dokan SSHFS works with the SFTP frontend somebody task major undecided documentation
#1302 installing Python 3 breaks bin\tahoe on Windows davidsarah defect major 1.12.0 packaging
#1320 tiddly_on_tahoe compatible with Konqueror? zooko defect major undecided unknown
#1326 don't require newer foolscap if you have older Twisted davidsarah defect major 1.8.2 packaging
#1334 can't test on buildslaves that we don't depend on pywin32 davidsarah defect major 1.11.0 dev-infrastructure
#1371 Windows registry keys for Python file associations may have broken permissions, preventing build or installation davidsarah defect major 1.12.0 packaging
#1377 "tahoe start" claims to have started when it didn't daira defect major 1.13.0 code-nodeadmin
#1387 version parser refuses to recognize foolscap's "in between releases" versions somebody defect major undecided packaging
#1472 buildbot is unable to delete directories under _trial_temp* that have non-ASCII names under Windows somebody defect major eventually dev-infrastructure
#1475 Website Design and Logo Proposals sirvaliance defect major undecided website
#1476 unit tests running out of memory on FranXois lenny-armv5tel buildbot or on a 613 MiB EC2 nobody defect major undecided unknown
#1532 test suite: measure time taken by a representative test, and set other timeouts based on that somebody defect major undecided code
#1539 stop putting pkg_resources.require() into .tac files daira enhancement major 1.10.1 code-nodeadmin
#1569 rerecord and review pluggable backends for landing on trunk davidsarah enhancement major 1.10.1 code-storage
#1570 S3 backend: support streaming writes to immutable shares defect major undecided code-storage
#1571 S3 backend: support streaming reads of immutable and mutable shares defect major undecided code-storage
#1573 S3 backend: support DevPay zancas defect major undecided code-storage
#1803 S3 backend: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'startswith' davidsarah defect major undecided code-storage
#1819 cloud backend: merge to trunk daira enhancement major 1.14.0 code-storage
#1921 leasedb: NonExistentShareError: can't find [share] in `shares` table daira defect major 1.15.0 code-storage
#2037 cloud/S3 backend fails to redact ProductToken and UserToken from S3 error messages daira defect major soon unknown
#2237 cloud backend: prepare branch for LeastAuthority daira defect major soon packaging
#2391 Tahoe-LAFS is incompatible with non-ancient Torsocks defect major 1.11.0 code-network
#998 Adding Win32 registry key with basedir somebody enhancement normal undecided operational
#1119 make cygwin a supported platform somebody defect normal undecided dev-infrastructure
#1165 runner tests should be executed first davidsarah enhancement normal soon code
#1248 move logic for build steps from buildmaster config to misc/build_helpers warner defect normal soon dev-infrastructure
#1349 Improve docs about Tahoe-LAFS+Tor leif enhancement normal 1.12.0 documentation
#1401 allow environment variables to specify some options (e.g. node-directory) nobody enhancement normal undecided code-frontend-cli
#1417 TWN RSS Feed zooko task normal undecided website
#1430 Magic Folder on Linux: handle inotify queue overflow correctly daira defect normal eventually code-frontend-magic-folder
#1567 S3 backend: restore s3.max_space option defect normal soon code-storage
#1677 add buildbot step to run "make code-checks" davidsarah defect normal soon (release n/a) dev-infrastructure
#1711 Magic Folder: allow the client and parent DMD(s) to be specified by a path (as accepted by CLI commands), not just a full URI defect normal undecided code-frontend-magic-folder
#1722 respond to OpenSSL ASN.1 parsing bug defect normal undecided packaging
#1734 set up marlowe's "speed-fiber" buildslave marlowe task normal soon (release n/a) dev-infrastructure
#1738 post improved security arguments for Rainhill 3 davidsarah enhancement normal soon (release n/a) documentation
#1745 Different layout for newsletters marlowe enhancement normal undecided documentation
#1786 cloud backend: limit memory usage davidsarah defect normal undecided code-storage
#1787 cloud-backend: allocation checks in test_storage daira defect normal 1.15.0 code-storage
#1808 error message gets downloaded instead of rendered by Konqueror zooko defect normal soon code-frontend-web
#1818 leasedb: track leases in a sqlite database, not inside shares warner task normal 1.14.0 code-storage
#1825 make the "tahoe unlink" output explain the difference between unlink and rm Lcstyle enhancement normal soon code-frontend-cli
#1826 make an animated 3D movie showing how to traverse and manipulate a Tahoe-LAFS filesystem marlowe enhancement normal undecided documentation
#1836 use leasedb (not crawler) to figure out how many shares you have and how many bytes markberger defect normal 1.15.0 code-storage
#1848 write a static analysis tool to catch places where a Deferred is dropped davidsarah defect normal undecided dev-infrastructure
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