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discuss and select from logo designs

Reported by: terrell Owned by: zooko
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There has been some discussion on tahoe-dev and within IRC regarding new logo designs.

This ticket will serve to hold the summary of discussion and candidates.

We'll close this ticket with a selection of logo moving forward.

attachment:zooko-orig.png - Zooko - 2008? original allmydata.org logo Zooko's original .org logo
attachment:kpreid1.png - Kevin Reid - Jul 2009 initial attempt, red 'o' with 3 black network nodes 'up' Kevin Reid 2009-07-19
attachment:kpreid2.png - Kevin Reid - May 2010 second effort, currently in use by tahoe-lafs.org Kevin Reid 2010-05
attachment:kelly1.png - Kelly Marks - Aug 2010 five fresh attempts, #4 getting most praise, 'snowflake' in block of color (red) as 'o', 'LAFS' smaller and on second line Kelly Marks 2010-08-23
attachment:sam1.png - Sam Mason - Aug 2010 four iterations on kelly's #3, making text and snowflake bolder Sam Mason 2010-08-24
attachment:rycee1.png - Robert Helges - Aug 2010 two line iteration of kevin's #2, 'pointing' down Robert Helges 2010-08-24
attachment:tahoe-lafs_logo_dloss3.png - Dirk Loss - Nov 2011 added for dloss
attachment:sirvaliance-logo-proposal-1.jpg - Sir Valience - Sep 2011 full page sirvaliance logo proposal 1, from #1475

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rycee1.png (6.5 KB) - added by terrell at 2010-08-24T21:52:12Z.
Robert Helges 2010-08-24
sam1.png (32.2 KB) - added by terrell at 2010-08-24T22:04:09Z.
Sam Mason 2010-08-24
kelly1.png (37.2 KB) - added by terrell at 2010-08-24T22:05:51Z.
Kelly Marks 2010-08-23
zooko-orig.png (7.4 KB) - added by terrell at 2010-08-24T22:10:10Z.
Zooko's original .org logo
kpreid1.png (7.0 KB) - added by terrell at 2010-08-24T22:31:39Z.
Kevin Reid 2009-07-19
kpreid2.png (4.3 KB) - added by terrell at 2010-08-24T22:34:09Z.
Kevin Reid 2010-05
sirvaliance-logo-proposal-1.jpg (609.1 KB) - added by zooko at 2011-10-14T02:08:46Z.
sirvaliance logo proposal 1, from #1475
rycee2.png (5.2 KB) - added by rycee at 2011-10-18T10:48:23Z.
Since everybody (including me) dislike the font I chose in my submission I thought I'd rectify this unfortunate situation with another, somewhat more awesome, submission.
tahoe-lafs_logo_dloss3.png (103.5 KB) - added by warner at 2011-11-02T22:28:48Z.
added for dloss
tahoe-lafs_logo_dloss3.svg (18.5 KB) - added by warner at 2011-11-02T22:29:19Z.
added for dloss

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Changed at 2010-08-24T21:52:12Z by terrell

Robert Helges 2010-08-24

Changed at 2010-08-24T22:04:09Z by terrell

Sam Mason 2010-08-24

Changed at 2010-08-24T22:05:51Z by terrell

Kelly Marks 2010-08-23

Changed at 2010-08-24T22:10:10Z by terrell

Zooko's original .org logo

Changed at 2010-08-24T22:31:39Z by terrell

Kevin Reid 2009-07-19

Changed at 2010-08-24T22:34:09Z by terrell

Kevin Reid 2010-05

comment:1 Changed at 2010-08-25T01:14:41Z by terrell

  • Description modified (diff)
  • Summary changed from discuss and select logo designs to discuss and select from logo designs

comment:2 Changed at 2010-08-25T13:38:36Z by zooko

I showed these to Sebastian Kuzminsky and Dan Wontoner (not his real name) and they both preferred attachment:kpreid1.png . I'm partial to it myself. attachment:kpreid1.png and attachment:rycee1.png are my current favorites.

comment:3 Changed at 2010-08-25T13:48:28Z by terrell

My current favorite is Sam's first attempt, upper left in attachment:sam1.png.

I think it's solid, strong, easily readable, distinctive at different scales and in black/white, and follows the red/white color scheme explained by Zooko as having importance with regards to the security and confidentiality properties of Tahoe-LAFS.

comment:4 Changed at 2010-08-27T01:09:35Z by davidsarah

My favourites are also Sam's first two attempts. The black dots in the snowflake are slightly too heavy in the right-hand one and slightly too light in the left-hand one; maybe something in-between. I agree with the meaningfulness of the red/black snowflake design.

comment:5 Changed at 2011-04-20T22:54:28Z by zooko

  • Owner changed from somebody to kpreid

Hm, so the one that is currently on http://tahoe-lafs.org is attachment:kpreid2.png . Does anybody want to agitate to change to a different one? Or shall we close this ticket and declare attachment:kpreid2.png to be the official logo?

Also kpreid, could we please have an svg of that?

comment:6 Changed at 2011-04-20T22:57:55Z by zooko

kpreid (and everyone): could you please give us a liberal license like some Creative Commons licence to use your image. (In particular, I'm uploading it to commons.wikimedia.org, and they want to know if I have appropriate rights to do so...)

comment:7 Changed at 2011-04-20T23:50:06Z by kpreid

  • Cc kpreid@… added
  • Owner changed from kpreid to zooko

I hereby license the images named here kpreid1 and kpreid2 under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

The source SVG documents, theoretically available at http://switchb.org/kpreid/2009/tahoe/ , will be updated with this licensing information, uh, as soon as my web server is back up. (Nice timing, Linode!)

comment:8 Changed at 2011-04-21T00:35:08Z by terrell

I'd like to agitate.

I still agree with myself in comment:3 - I prefer Sam's first attempt. I also think that davidsarah's comment:4 makes sense, and would be happy to see an in-between version.

I think selecting a logo by 'default' is lazy.

Kelly grants Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike? 3.0 (CC BY-SA) to her efforts (attachment:kelly1.png).

[edited to fix comment references]

Last edited at 2011-08-10T05:25:49Z by davidsarah (previous) (diff)

comment:9 Changed at 2011-10-14T01:29:26Z by davidsarah

sirvaliance-logo-proposal-1.jpg is showing up as an invalid JPEG for me in three different programs.

Changed at 2011-10-14T02:08:46Z by zooko

sirvaliance logo proposal 1, from #1475

comment:10 Changed at 2011-10-14T02:09:50Z by zooko

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comment:11 Changed at 2011-10-14T03:39:05Z by zooko

Hm, I remember more people having opinions than I see on this ticket. Maybe there was a discussion on the tahoe-dev list. Anybody have links to it?

comment:14 Changed at 2011-10-14T20:39:09Z by jg71

As already mentioned on IRC, I like the current logo best

Changed at 2011-10-18T10:48:23Z by rycee

Since everybody (including me) dislike the font I chose in my submission I thought I'd rectify this unfortunate situation with another, somewhat more awesome, submission.

Changed at 2011-11-02T22:28:48Z by warner

added for dloss

Changed at 2011-11-02T22:29:19Z by warner

added for dloss

comment:15 Changed at 2011-11-02T22:30:47Z by warner

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added dloss's image

comment:16 follow-up: Changed at 2011-11-05T09:41:38Z by marcusw

  • Cc marcus@… added

I noticed the web interface/website were lacking a favicon, so I made one based on Kevin Reid's logo:

http://marcus.wanners.net/tahoe-icon.png http://marcus.wanners.net/tahoe-icon.svg

(CC BY 3.0)

If anyone thinks it's a good idea, I can set about making a patch to add this to the web interface. I haven't hacked on the source yet though, so it might not be pretty.

comment:17 in reply to: ↑ 16 Changed at 2012-01-19T19:17:50Z by zooko

Replying to marcusw:

If anyone thinks it's a good idea, I can set about making a patch to add this to the web interface.

Note: marcusw went ahead and did this -- #1592.

Last edited at 2012-01-19T19:18:06Z by zooko (previous) (diff)
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