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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2 clean up encryption key generation somebody defect major component1
#4 fix zfec to install under 2.4 zooko defect blocker 0.2.0 component1
#5 verifierid as storage index: not the whole story defect minor code-encoding
#6 build dependencies that cross subproject boundaries? Or maybe its that zfec doesn't clean away old stuff? zooko defect minor packaging
#8 bundle setuptools with package zooko defect minor packaging
#9 make setuptools stow-compatible and Brian-friendly somebody defect major component1
#10 clean up after yourself when told to "make clean" zooko defect minor 0.6.1 packaging
#11 I don't like pyopenssl zooko defect minor undecided code
#16 move to Tahoe2 peer selection algorithm warner defect major 0.6.0 code-peerselection
#17 upload needs to be tolerant of lost peers warner defect major 0.9.0 (Allmydata 3.0 final) code-encoding
#19 occasional exception from trac darcs plugin somebody defect major dev-infrastructure
#20 unit tests take too long warner defect major eventually code
#21 edgy debian packages get version number from somewhere other than the One True Version Number somebody defect minor packaging
#22 can't use it behind firewalls -- 'local_ip' file handling is broken somebody defect critical code
#24 APT repository does not contain etch packages warner defect minor 0.6.0 packaging
#25 push to repo as soon as new patches arrive zooko defect minor dev-infrastructure
#26 introducer doesn't seem to forget about old peers, or peers don't forget about old peers warner defect major eventually code-network
#27 twistd doesn't daemonize on windows nobody defect major eventually code-nodeadmin
#29 web upload uses up lots of RAM zooko defect critical code
#31 crash on cygwin: doWrite on a Port, failure during test_system zooko defect minor code
#34 disk space resource limits on storage servers zooko defect major 0.5.0 code
#35 build process puts wrong filenames in the .pyc files somebody defect major packaging
#41 zfec tests leave lots of directories lying around in /tmp zooko defect minor code
#42 make should complain about missing pyopenssl zooko defect minor 0.6.0 packaging
#43 on my cygwin install attempt after README guidelines the proposed "import zfec" test fails warner defect minor code
#45 trac can't search for patch author name somebody defect major eventually dev-infrastructure
#46 flawed arch_o_median defect minor packaging
#51 ~/ not dereferenced to /home/${USER} in start --basedir=~blah/foo/splat somebody defect minor code
#62 rename 'thingA' to something more permanent warner defect major 0.3.0 code
#63 persist the node's swissnumber between invocations warner defect major 0.3.0 code
#65 errors during web download aren't reported, hangs instead somebody defect minor 0.5.0 code
#74 Confusing UI Terminology: "Add Shared Directory" nejucomo defect minor eventually code-frontend-web
#75 disallow slashes in webish-UI childnames warner defect major 0.5.0 code
#76 Replace "parent directory" link, with links in the display path. nejucomo defect trivial 0.5.0 code
#77 Confusing/cumbersome root path link in vdrive web view. somebody defect minor 0.5.0 code
#79 make check-memory is broken warner defect major eventually code
#80 storage format is awfully inefficient for small shares warner defect major 0.5.0 code
#81 implement URI:LIT encoding for very small files warner defect critical 0.5.0 code
#85 store shares in single files, instead of 7 files and a directory warner defect major 0.5.0 code
#88 uploading a directory causes a brief dirnode exception warner defect minor eventually code
#93 default package path for python interpreter incompatible with README install test arch_o_median defect trivial 0.6.0 documentation
#94 deleting nameless file confounds somebody defect minor eventually code-frontend-web
#95 Clicking "To view the global shared filestore, Click Here!" in client attached to Test Grid raises AssertionError arch_o_median defect major 0.6.1 code-frontend-web
#98 Web API is vulnerable to XSRF attacks. zooko defect major 0.5.1 code-frontend-web
#99 win32 port has bit-rotted zooko defect major 0.5.0 code
#101 web page usability: after POST, redirect to somewhere useful warner defect major 0.5.0 code
#108 Top-level trac URL kruft at: somebody defect trivial website
#109 current upstream figleaf doesn't do the right thing warner defect minor 1.7.0 dev-infrastructure
#111 command-line: whoops, put doesn't work zooko defect blocker 0.5.0 unknown
#121 handling errors in 'tahoe get' zooko defect major 1.6.0 code-frontend-cli
#122 does github webhook report tags? do they trigger the buildbot? warner defect minor eventually dev-infrastructure
#123 "text/plain" link uses double filename= query arg warner defect major eventually code-frontend-web
#124 exceptions when trying to use dirnode URIs warner defect major 0.6.0 code
#128 exception from unit test: "thing has no attribute 'doWrite'" somebody defect minor 0.6.1 code
#129 high memory usage during GET for large files and slow links warner defect critical 0.6.0 code-frontend-web
#132 peer selection could be more uniform warner defect minor eventually code-peerselection
#133 zfec: warnings about snprintf and vsnprintf zooko defect major 0.6.1 code-encoding
#134 zfec: Windows build: are the compiler optimizations right? zooko defect minor 0.6.1 packaging
#136 find-twistd hack falls afoul of "twistd sig handler vs. subprocess" ? zooko defect major 0.6.0 code
#140 the "setuptools+GNU stow" hack doesn't work on zope.interface zooko defect minor undecided packaging
#141 setuptools console scripts vs. manually installed dependencies warner defect major 0.6.1 packaging
#142 pywin32 can't be installed automatically daira defect major 1.11.0 packaging
#143 test_client fails on cygwin warner defect major 0.6.0 code
#144 test_vdrive fails on Solaris zooko defect major 0.6.0 code
#145 "make test" tests the installed version of allmydata, not the local sandbox version of allmydata zooko defect major soon packaging
#147 undocumented dependency on OpenSSL zooko defect major 0.6.1 documentation
#148 README failure (confusion) nobody defect major 0.6.1 documentation
#149 unable to use pre-installed non-distutils-aware nevow zooko defect critical 1.4.1 packaging
#150 don't overfill your filesystem's directories -- and make intermediate dirs be leading prefixes of storage indexes? zooko defect major 0.8.0 (Allmydata 3.0 Beta) code-storage
#153 iputil returns zooko defect minor 0.6.1 code-network
#154 usage string program name != executable name? nobody defect minor 0.6.1 code-frontend
#156 how to find tahoe process with ps warner defect major 0.6.1 packaging
#158 command-line: -u not recognized zooko defect major 0.6.1 code-frontend
#159 extra newline in .furl file breaks furls, and the resulting diagnostics are not user friendl zooko defect major 0.6.1 code-nodeadmin
#164 bundled dep tarballs not used if... if some of the .egg's are already found on the system? zooko defect minor 0.8.0 (Allmydata 3.0 Beta) packaging
#165 restart should start if the node isn't running zandr defect major 0.6.1 operational
#166 command line order is problematic warner defect major 1.10.0 code-frontend-cli
#175 unit tests fail if port 8123 is already in use warner defect major 0.6.1 code
#176 missing freeform-default.css -- nevow install error? warner defect minor eventually packaging
#177 'make test' won't run trial on Mac OS-X zooko defect major 0.6.1 code
#178 cygwin buildslave is screwed up ? nobody defect major 0.6.1 unknown
#180 make test-clean gives false alarms warner defect minor 0.6.1 packaging
#181 restart is a bit too sensitive to slow shutdown (or shutdown is a bit too slow) warner defect major 0.7.0 code-nodeadmin
#183 file upload timestamps somebody defect major eventually code
#184 trac doesn't send e-mails warner defect major eventually dev-infrastructure
#185 default settings can't run two nodes on the same computer zooko defect major 0.7.0 code-frontend
#186 test grid graphs aren't being updated warner defect major eventually dev-infrastructure
#187 security flaw: directory server can escalate read access into write access nobody defect critical 0.7.0 unknown
#188 --basedir vs. --node-directory zooko defect major 1.8β code-nodeadmin
#190 Easy Install Way Fails arch_o_median defect major documentation
#191 The Setuptools Way Section in the Readme Makes Unsupportable Assertions arch_o_median defect minor eventually documentation
#192 README LIED AGAIN!!! zooko defect major 0.7.0 documentation
#193 pauses during streaming music at a party defect major eventually code-encoding
#199 pycrypto gives bad output from SHA-256 for certain input lengths zooko defect blocker 0.7.0 code
#202 Norm Hardy's comments on README zooko defect major documentation
#205 checker for mutable files: make "check" button on wui work warner defect major 1.3.0 code-mutable
#208 unit test failure on cygwin nobody defect major 0.7.0 unknown
#209 solaris needs setrlimit code to increase max file descriptors zooko defect major eventually code-network
#211 mutable: tolerate mixed corrupt/good shares from any given peer warner defect major 0.7.0 code
#212 easy_install of a fat binary .egg which was built on Mac OS 10.4 fails on Mac OS 10.5 zooko defect major eventually packaging
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