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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1134 no-longer-valid URI for Zooko's wiki used in an example zooko defect minor 1.8β code-frontend-cli
#1135 reduce unnecessary escaping in quote_output davidsarah defect major 1.8β code-frontend-cli
#1140 apparently spurious failure in allmydata.test.test_storage.BucketCounter.test_bucket_counter davidsarah defect major 1.8β code-storage
#448 download: speak to as few servers as possible warner enhancement major 1.8.0 code-peerselection
#798 improve random-access download to retrieve/decrypt less data davidsarah enhancement major 1.8.0 code-network
#800 improve alacrity by downloading only the part of the Merkle Tree that you need warner enhancement major 1.8.0 code
#990 Web gateway should avoid caching plaintext of downloads nobody defect major 1.8.0 code-frontend
#1108 os.path.abspath() sometimes returns str instead of unicode? zooko defect major 1.8.0 code
#1127 tidy-ups for management of homeless shares zooko enhancement minor 1.8.0 code-peerselection
#1154 mplayer triggers two bugs in Tahoe's new downloader warner defect critical 1.8.0 code-network
#1155 Capability of interrupted downloads is logged in twistd.log warner defect critical 1.8.0 code-frontend-web
#1160 viewing web-status of unfinished immutable downloads causes exception warner defect critical 1.8.0 code-network
#1162 immutable download progress on "Recent Uploads/Downloads" hardcoded to 10% defect critical 1.8.0 code-network
#1166 ZeroDivisionError in web/ francois defect major 1.8.0 code-frontend-web
#1170 new-downloader performs badly when downloading a lot of data from a file defect critical 1.8.0 code-network
#1172 active immutable downloads are shown on Recent Operations instead of Active Operations francois defect major 1.8.0 code-frontend-web
#1175 ftpd and sftpd documentation should advise to listen only on the loopback interface davidsarah enhancement major 1.8.0 documentation
#1191 unit test failure: failed to download file with 2 shares on one server and one share on another Brian Warner <warner@…> defect major 1.8.0 code-peerselection
#1192 warn users not to rely on PyCrypto davidsarah defect major 1.8.0 documentation
#1197 nondeterministic failure of allmydata.test.test_download.DownloadTest.test_lost_servers with NotEnoughSharesError zooko defect major 1.8.0 code-network
#1202 release 1.8.0 zooko defect major 1.8.0 packaging
#71 "client node probably started" davidsarah enhancement major 1.8.1 code-nodeadmin
#174 make argv $0 be 'tahoe', not 'twistd' davidsarah enhancement minor 1.8.1 code-nodeadmin
#530 use setuptools's --multi-version mode zooko enhancement major 1.8.1 packaging
#804 provide binary .egg's for pycryptopp for all supported platforms and versions of Python zooko defect minor 1.8.1 packaging
#1045 Memory leak during massive file upload (or download) through SFTP frontend zooko defect critical 1.8.1 code
#1137 test-from-egg and test-from-prefixdir are not testing the right code davidsarah defect major 1.8.1 dev-infrastructure
#1190 we can end up importing the wrong version of a dependency even though the right one is "already the active version in easy-install.pth" davidsarah defect major 1.8.1 packaging
#1212 Repair used default shares.happy kmarkley86 defect critical 1.8.1 code-network
#1214 test_argv_to_unicode is red on my Mac OS 10.4 zooko defect major 1.8.1 code-frontend-cli
#1223 got 'WrongSegmentError' during repair davidsarah defect major 1.8.1 code-encoding
#1224 Unicode bug in grid to grid copies warner defect major 1.8.1 code-frontend-cli
#1231 stale comment in mutable/ Brian Warner <warner@…> defect minor 1.8.1 code-mutable
#1232 Unicode stdout/stderr replacement on Windows fails to print large strings davidsarah defect major 1.8.1 code
#1233 prefer binary eggs which satisfy dependencies over source eggs which are even newer zooko defect major 1.8.1 packaging
#1235 'UserWarning: Unbuilt egg for setuptools' on Lucid zooko defect major 1.8.1 code
#1241 'tahoe backup' should do perform tilde expansion on its '--exclude-from' parameter zooko enhancement minor 1.8.1 code-frontend-cli
#1242 release 1.8.1 somebody task major 1.8.1 packaging
#1253 http proxying can break webapi and leak capabilities (manifests as JSON decoding error in CLI tests) warner defect critical 1.8.1 code-frontend-cli
#1255 'tahoe mv' doesn't report errors from the DELETE operation david-sarah@… defect major 1.8.1 code-frontend-cli
#1259 is being generated in the wrong place zooko defect major 1.8.1 packaging
#1262 'tahoe start -m' no longer works zooko defect major 1.8.1 code-nodeadmin
#1263 New binary pycrypto-2.3 egg for netbsd-5.0.2-i386 nobody defect major 1.8.1 unknown
#1266 Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit Build Error pyOpenSSL pgrunwald defect major 1.8.1 packaging
#585 make it work with bbfreeze davidsarah enhancement major 1.8.2 packaging
#668 easy_install allmydata-tahoe is broken zooko defect major 1.8.2 packaging
#1054 ImportError: No module named setuptools_darcs.setuptools_darcs davidsarah defect major 1.8.2 packaging
#1087 Have tahoe-lafs apt-get installable on lenny somebody defect major 1.8.2 packaging
#1088 Have tahoe-lafs apt-get installable on squeeze somebody defect major 1.8.2 packaging
#1095 debian packaging metadata: a dependency on pyasn1 warner defect major 1.8.2 packaging
#1208 config should default to leaving 1G free warner enhancement major 1.8.2 code-storage
#1219 Visual changes on status web pages somebody defect major 1.8.2 unknown
#1225 Conversion of docs to .rst davidsarah enhancement minor 1.8.2 documentation
#1230 help synopsis for 'tahoe ln' is confusing warner defect major 1.8.2 code-frontend-cli
#1282 remove unmaintained Mac and Windows apps warner defect major 1.8.2 code
#1284 docs/quickstart.html readability improvement arch_o_median defect minor 1.8.2 documentation
#1286 test failures with message "exceptions.AttributeError: 'StreamServerEndpointService' object has no attribute '_port'", and failure to write node.url file with Twisted 10.2 warner defect major 1.8.2 code
#1287 tahoe --version or --version-and-path can show the wrong versions or paths davidsarah defect critical 1.8.2 code
#1291 update docs/performance.rst to describe the short-circuit for already-uploaded immutable file davidsarah enhancement major 1.8.2 documentation
#1296 'tahoe debug trial' command davidsarah defect major 1.8.2 code-frontend-cli
#1303 allow running Tahoe correctly via other commands such as coverage davidsarah defect major 1.8.2 code-frontend-cli
#1305 'tahoe create-alias ALIAS:' and 'tahoe add-alias ALIAS: DIRCAP' (with trailing colon) should work warner defect minor 1.8.2 code-frontend-cli
#1306 release 1.8.2 warner defect major 1.8.2 packaging
#1311 user of tahoe client thinks "storage=true" means that their client can use storage david-sarah@… defect major 1.8.2 code-nodeadmin
#1326 don't require newer foolscap if you have older Twisted davidsarah defect major 1.8.2 packaging
#1328 report all dependencies that we failed to import or find an acceptable version of, not just the first one davidsarah defect major 1.8.2 packaging
#1329 'DeprecationWarning: the sets module is deprecated' from foolscap causes failure in test_client_no_noise somebody defect major 1.8.2 code
#1330 update minimum required versions of debian packages somebody defect major 1.8.2 packaging
#1335 tahoe-deps (v18) tarball is broken zooko defect major 1.8.2 packaging
#1337 SFTP: FileZilla doesn't show subdirectories warner defect major 1.8.2 code-frontend
#1339 Tahoe 1.8.2b1 does not locate locally installed setuptools warner defect major 1.8.2 code
#1341 Setuptools test_check_requirement failure, Changeset 4994 somebody defect major 1.8.2 code
#1528 escalation of authority from knowing a storage index to being able to delete corresponding shares davidsarah defect critical 1.8.3 code-storage
#627 formatting of NEWS file somebody enhancement minor 1.9.0 website
#636 Add missing descriptions and synopsis davidsarah defect minor 1.9.0 code-frontend-cli
#695 error message could be more helpful re: CLI rm confused by URL:DIR in at least two cases davidsarah defect major 1.9.0 code-frontend-cli
#776 users are confused by "tahoe rm" davidsarah defect major 1.9.0 code-frontend-cli
#953 test and support the dependency on pycrypto terrell defect major 1.9.0 packaging
#993 refactor download interfaces to treat immutable files and mutable versions more uniformly kevan enhancement major 1.9.0 code-mutable
#1079 upload of file into dir doesn't appear on Recent Uploads and Downloads Brian Warner <warner@…> defect major 1.9.0 code-frontend
#1104 the button to unlink a child from a directory should not be labelled "del" davidsarah defect major 1.9.0 code-frontend-web
#1120 simplify Unicode support by assuming that argv and output encodings are the same zooko defect minor 1.9.0 code
#1149 scripts/ is not tested davidsarah defect major 1.9.0 code-frontend-cli
#1186 downloader: avoid redundant Share.loop calls enhancement major 1.9.0 code-encoding
#1195 refactor get_disk_stats() and get_available_space() defect minor 1.9.0 code-storage
#1200 package up Brian's New Visualization of immutable download nobody enhancement major 1.9.0 unknown
#1227 Conversion of HTML docs to .rst marlowe enhancement minor 1.9.0 documentation
#1268 downloader/share: coalesce mutiple Share.loop() calls warner defect major 1.9.0 code-encoding
#1274 eliminate pywin32 dependency warner defect major 1.9.0 code-storage
#1292 'tahoe rm' without a path gives an AssertionError with no explanation warner defect major 1.9.0 code-frontend-cli
#1304 'tahoe cp' copying to a mutable file should replace the contents kevan defect major 1.9.0 code-frontend-cli
#1344 'make check' should run tests zooko defect minor 1.9.0 packaging
#1345 remove Makefile targets relating to ' check_auto_deps' which no longer exists warner defect major 1.9.0 packaging
#1347 bin/tahoe.pyscript doesn't need to be executable warner defect minor 1.9.0 packaging
#1355 bug in error path of cross_check_pkg_resources_versus_import warner defect critical 1.9.0 code
#1359 tahoe cp --help gives incorrect placement of [options], and [options] is missing in other synopses davidsarah defect minor 1.9.0 code-frontend-cli
#1363 refactor, use IServer objects instead of rrefs warner task major 1.9.0 code
#1366 avoid calling req.finish() on closed HTTP connections warner defect minor 1.9.0 code-frontend-web
#1383 foolscap 0.6.1 has no such extra feature 'secure_connections' charlesnw defect major 1.9.0 packaging
#1384 use storage/shares/ instead of storage/ to detect available space zooko defect minor 1.9.0 code-nodeadmin
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